Sunday , October 22 2017

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RCD Electrical Safety Switches – What You Need to Know


Reading Time: 2 minutesCommon Questions on RCDs Answered: Electrical issues in a home or workplace in Tasmania and Melbourne needs proper attention of the owner, as it can lead to serious damage of life and belongings when ignored. An RCD is a safety switch installed in home buildings and commercial buildings to ensure …

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Why Always Choose Commercial Refrigerators for Your Restaurant

Commercial Refrigerators for Your Restaurant

Reading Time: 2 minutesRefrigerator is an electrical appliance essential for both commercial and domestic purposes. Business of hotels and restaurants require refrigerators to store food and food products. Most often they don’t realise but there is a reason why two different categories of refrigerators are manufactured – commercial and residential by companies. Restaurant …

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Norway Build World’s First Submerged Floating Tube-Bridge

Reading Time: 3 minutesIn western coast of Norway there are iconic 1,190 fjords, are protected by UNESCO and are a symbol of national beauty. Norwegian fjords are one of Norway’s major tourist attractions. Hundreds of cruise ships pass through the fjords every year, so it is necessary to improve traffic connections with the …

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