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5 Simple Ways To Know That Your Headphones Are Too Loud

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If you are a music lover, then choosing a perfect headphone is the most important one and you need to buy the branded one to have a great experience. Two types of the headphones are there such as sound proof and open type so that you can choose the best one as per your wish. Sound proof headphone is mostly used when you look to isolate yourself from sounds of outside world. Open type headphone is having excellent sound quality when compare to the enclosed and soundproof ones. There are thousands of open type headphones are available such as wireless, in ear monitor, noise cancelling, street style and earpad. If you are using headphone frequently then you might suffer from ear related problems. One of the studies says that keeping sound level somewhere between sixty to eighty five decibels is the safety sound level to get rid of from ear related problems. In case you are listening music at more than 100 decibels then you must restrict usage within 15 minutes. In order to know about your safety levels, you must follow some effective tips such as

1. Carry out ringing test

It is one of the easiest tests to know about your headphone sound level. It requires only simple pair of the foam ear plugs. If possible, you are advisable to do this trick for two or three days. After that go to the quiet room and place ear plugs at your ears. Try to focus on the hearing and relax yourself and concentrate on your breathing. During silence, you might ear very slight ringing at your ears which is your baseline level. Next day, you might resume headphone activity as the normal. In evening, you can redo test in the quiet space. Suppose your ringing is louder than earlier test, noise from your headphone is too powerful. While ringing becomes more intense that the baseline level then it is the best time to turn it down notch or two.

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2. Try to hold your headphone out in front of you

In a modern world most of the people are easy to forget that they can damage their hearing by listening to the loud music. One test that recommended is to remote headphone and keeps it at your desire volume and try to hold it in front of you at the arm’s length. Could you hear music clearly? You are always advisable to take regular breaks during course of day in order to provide your ears much required rest.

3. Check volume control

As everyone knows some of the music must to listen at the louder levels. It is quiet easy to crank up volume while your desire track begins to play. In case you found that creeping up to over 60% or two thirds of volume control then it can really damage your ears. Basically hearing loss might not occur overnight but you might easily prevent it from happening by checking volumes on the regular basis.

4. Ask friend for the assistance

You can ask your friends to sit next to you in order to know about whether your friend can hear music via your headphone. If your friend might hear music then surely it can damage your ears. This kind of the test is really useful to you when you are not using open back headphone because this headphone is having capability to leak music level of the volume.

5. Look for signs of hearing loss

There are plenty of symptoms are there for hearing loss such as

  • Clicking, roaring, buzzing, ringing and hissing in ears
  • Maximizing need to stay turning volume up
  • Muffled sounds
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If you are looking to get excellent audio listening experience then you must maintain as low as auditory environment. You must also invest in the branded quality of headphone and it is always best to invest in the noise cancellation headphone, for over-ear headphones you can read here full review. Most of the studies say that noise cancellation headphone might lessen noise by up to 15 to 20 decibels. In case you are seeking for the best ways to listen your favorite music without facing ear related problems then you must choose premium quality of headphone so that you can enjoy your desire music.

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