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Commercial Refrigerators for Your Restaurant

Why Always Choose Commercial Refrigerators for Your Restaurant

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Refrigerator is an electrical appliance essential for both commercial and domestic purposes. Business of hotels and restaurants require refrigerators to store food and food products. Most often they don’t realise but there is a reason why two different categories of refrigerators are manufactured – commercial and residential by companies. Restaurant owners opt for residential purposes, thinking about the mere cooling function of a fridge, however, there’s a difference between both the kinds of fridges. Like always, a discussion ends up choosing more cost-effective piece, which shouldn’t be the case when deciding on a refrigerator.

Are you doing the same thing in your hotel or restaurant in Brisbane? If yes, let me tell you it is not saving you nay money but would definitely cost you more in the long run for repairing services of commercial fridge in Brisbane. To make a smarter choice in future, it is important to know the difference between commercial and domestic refrigerators with respect to fulfilling commercial needs and how to deal with Your Refrigerator Problems. Keep reading!

 Residential Refrigerators

  • These refrigerators are manufactured mostly by fragile materials which increases the risk of damage and corrosion due to rough professional use.
  • It has less storage space as compared to the average cooling space required in hotels and restaurants.
  • Its minimal insulation and weak compressor over time leads to temperature fluctuations and heat loss.
  • The door storage area causes risk of food safety as the products stored in this space are not properly cooled.
  • Residential or domestic fridges do not always comply with health code inspections.
  • The thermostat in these fridges is not exact which fails to show correct temperature level inside the refrigerator.
  • The door grips lose easily as they are not build for heavy usage as commercial refrigerators.
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Commercial Refrigerators

  • Commercial refrigerators are manufactures using stainless steel AISI 304 with improve strength against damage
  • Enough cooling space with HACCP rounded corners supporting easy clean up of the refrigerator
  • Highly powerful compressors to maintain maximum performance
  • Its design and functions perfectly complies with health code requirements.
  • Consists of hi-tech features like exact temperature controllers, alarm functions to indicates open door and auto-defrost systems
  • Designed using commercial-level materials supporting the exact requirements – resists bacteria, manages heavy use, etc
  • Strong door grips to keep the doors perfectly closed to ignore temperature fluctuations due to a partially open door of the refrigerator.

Finally summing up things together and coming to a conclusion, residential refrigerators fail to function properly to meet the huge needs of commercial kitchen. It lacks health and safety codes which are important function of commercial refrigerators. So, one should always purchase a refrigerator which comply by the needs and requirements.

Apart from these, do not forget to contact your fridge repairs Brisbane regularly to maintain good condition of your commercial refrigerator. It is because purchasing a refrigerator is not enough, you need to take care of the appliance to maintain proper functioning and extended durability.

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