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Amazon Founder Jeff Bezos Now The Richest Man In The World

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Jeff Bezos’ success as founder and CEO of Amazon e-commerce giant has led him to become the richest person in the world, dethroning Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates. On Thursday became the richest man in the world, displacing Bill Gates, by the stock market’s rise in shares of the internet giant, according to the website of the US magazine Forbes.

Since the 1990s, the billionaire has acquired several companies from Amazon and has also invested in other large and small initiatives

Bezos began in 2017 as the fourth richest person in the world and has since advanced the founder of Inditex SA, Amancio Ortega, who occupies the third place with US $ 82.7 billion, and Warren Buffett Berkshire Hathaway Inc, in fourth place, for US $ 74.5 billion.

What happened? The actions of the giant of the electronic commerce would shoot in the bag and to Gates it had no other than to yield the throne. This is confirmed by data from Forbes and Bloomberg, according to published by the newspaper.

The essence of Jeffrey Preston Bezos’s fortune, his full name, comes from his stake Seattle-based Amazon capital. According to the latest document transmitted to the market regulator, the SEC, the 53-year-old entrepreneur owned 80.89 billion shares, 17% of the capital.

Since the publication of Forbes’ annual ranking of the world’s richest people on March 20, Amazon shares have increased about 24% on the stock market, equivalent to a $ 17 billion gain for Jeff Bezos, For the moment is virtual since it does not sell the titles.

Among the ten largest fortunes in the world now also the founder of the social network Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, whose assets are estimated to date at 72.9 billion dollars.

Bill Gates led the latest ranking published by Forbes at the end of March for the fourth consecutive year and for the 18th time in the last 22 years.

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Mexican tycoon Carlos Slim temporarily deprived him of this title for four years between 2010 and 2013.

“Bezos could never have become the richest man in the world if Gates had not donated so much fortune to philanthropy,” Forbes says of the $ 32.9 billion that the computer man donated to different causes and entities throughout his life.

But this firm – although it represents to a large extent the achievements of the entrepreneur – is not the only one that is remarked with Bezos. Look at the gallery other big companies and startups that the executive has acquired and how much money has invested in them.

Inspiring story of Jeff Bezos, Founder of

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A review history of Jeff Bezos, the founder of and an entrepreneur icon that forever changed the trade by transforming the internet into a new retail.

A bright guy from school, capable of revolutionizing the world of e-commerce turns out to be a good laugh. In a lecture he delivered to graduates of Princeton University, ( made the distinction between being intelligent and being kind. The first, he says, is a gift. The second, a choice. The first thing is easy after all. You are born with it. It’s natural. The second is difficult. Because it is easy to believe that with the first thing is enough.

However, Bezos is eagerly seeking a purpose that directs his decisions for the sake of something. Wow. And that’s what led him to note as something too important the fact of seeing the growth rate of internet use at 2,000% every year. Something big had to happen there and he had to take the lead. Here is a brief review of an American entrepreneur, like a few.

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Entrepreneur and e-commerce pioneer Jeff Bezos, was born on January 12, 1964, in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He professed an early and deep love for computers, a passion that led him to study Computer Science and Electrical Engineering at Princeton University and graduate with all possible honors. He worked for Wall Street in 1990 and became the youngest senior vice-president of investment firm DE Shaw. Four years later, despite being a very well-paid member of that company, decides to leave it to embark on a business adventure that would be called A virtual bookstore that became one of the most successful business stories ever since the web invaded our lives.

The son of Jacklyn Gise Jorgensen (a teenage mother) and Ted Jorgensen, his parents were married less than a year. Four years later, her mother made up her life and that of her little son by marrying a Cuban immigrant, Mike Bezos. He would be his stepfather and from whom he would take his last name.

As a child, Jeff Bezos showed an early interest in how things work, turning the garage of his parents into a laboratory of gadgets and gadgets. As a teenager, his family moved to Miami, where he developed his love for computers, becoming the best student in his class. In high school, he began his first business, the Dream Institute, an educational summer camp for fourth, fifth and sixth grade students.

Bezos pursued his interest in computers at Princeton University, where he graduated in 1986 with a B.Sc degree in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering. After graduating, he found work at several Wall Street firms, including Fitel, Bankers Trust, and investment firm DE Shaw where he met his wife, Mackenzie being named the youngest vice president in 1990. While his finance career was extremely Bezos decided to make a risky move and embark on an adventure of all uncertain, heading to the nascent world of e-commerce. He quit his job in 1994, moved to Seattle and in the garage of a small house put turbines to the untapped potential of Internet e-commerce by opening an online bookstore. A venture that would call Does it sound familiar?

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New ways for e-commerce

Bezos got his parents to lend him his life savings (US $ 300,000) and, along with a few employees, began developing new software. They then expanded operations to a two-bedroom home, equipped with three Sun Microstations, and eventually developed a test site. After inviting 300 friends to beta testing the site, Bezos officially opened on July 16, 1995.

(The site would have taken its name from the gigantic South American river).

The initial success of the company was meteoric. Without press promotion, sold books in the United States and in 45 foreign countries within the first 30 days. In two months, sales reached $ 20,000 per week, developing faster than Bezos and his team had anticipated in their fevered dreams. went public in 1997 and many market analysts wondered if it could maintain its position when traditional retailers launched their own e-commerce sites. Two years later, start-up not only held, but also outperformed its competitors, becoming an undisputed leader in e-commerce.

Bezos continued to diversify Amazon’s offerings by including the sale of CDs and videos in 1998, and later clothing, electronics, toys and more through major trade associations.

And while many companies succumbed to the bubble burst in the late 1990s, Amazon thrived on annual sales that jumped from $ 510,000 in 1995 to more than $ 17 billion in 2011.

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