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Apps to Spy On Kids Mobile Activities

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In today’s world, parents are usually seen worried about the activities of their children. Like what kind of friends they have and what are they doing without the knowledge of parents? Well, the best way to know all this is to have a friendly and truthful relation with children so that they can share stuff with you comfortably. But there are many families in which the relationship between the parents and children are somewhat strained. So, the parents with a bit of strained relationship with children can use different available applications to keep track on their children.

TheOneSpy Cell Phone Tracker

One application to keep an eye on the children is ‘TheOneSpy‘. It is said to be most widely used application for the purpose of spying. The spy app lets you track activities performed on any mobile phone running Android and iOS. Once you install the app on your kid’s phone, the app accesses the data stored on that phone and upload to an online account. If you want to check out the messages on your kid’s phone, you do not need to access that phone. Simply log into the spy app account and all the messages would be in front of you. Likewise messages, you can check out the internet browsing history of your kids, read their emails and can listen to their incoming and outgoing phone calls.

The parental control app provides the most advanced features such as social media and instant messaging app monitoring. You can spy on the most popular social media platforms including Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, Tinder, Kik, Line, Viber, Vine, Hike, Telegram, Skype and more. You can read the individual and group chats of your children; can see the photos and videos they share on media platforms; know who they are friend with and to whom they are following; see what type of feedback they receive on their posts.

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It helps the parents to stop the child from doing any foolish activity, as according to a study it was found that 1 out of 3 American teens regret doing something stupid online by the time they are 16. The social media monitoring also helps you protect your kids from online child predators and catfishers. If your kid is being harassed by a cyber bully or receiving threatening messages, you would be in better condition to safeguard your kiddo from the crooks.

The spy app also lets you find out the GPS location of the child and draw virtual boundaries with its feature of geofencing. You can also control the mobile phone of your kid from the online account. Possible to turn on the microphone and camera of the device to listen and see what is happening in the surroundings. Also, you can lock or unlock the phone; block or uninstall the installed apps; block texting and internet access during driving and block incoming calls from unknown numbers.

SecurKin Mobile Phone Monitoring Software

There is another spying application available with the name of ‘SecureKin‘. It is said to be somewhat the jack of all spying trades. Its site offers some preventative, if unnerving, condition of-the-world data you may discover helpful. We are as yet reeling from this one about online photographs and Photoshop: “Never let your children share their photographs online in an open discussion. Why? They will inquire. Everybody does that. Yes, everybody does that and around eight percent of those experience provocation because of photoshop consequences for their photographs. The most noticeably bad tormenting of this sort is seen by the young ladies, particularly on the grounds. That female notoriety is a standout amongst the most delicate things on the planet.

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The Phone Sheriff

Another amazing app that helps the parent to somehow control the cellular activities of their children is ‘The Phone Sheriff’. It has one amazing feature that actually lets the parent set time limits for using the phone. Like if you allow your child to use a cell phone for an hour then you can set the time limit on the device. It will then automatically lock and shut down the phone after an hour.


Another app that gives you a bit of control is ‘Mobicip‘. It isn’t so much a tracker application as one that restores a touch of control over your high schooler’s online life. The middle school level pieces web shopping, betting, dating, alcohol, and talk destinations. The secondary school level squares content that is grown-up, sexual, or includes weapons and roughness.


All the upper mention apps to spy on kid’s mobile phone activities are the best tool to get your hands on. These cell phone tracking software are the best in parenting business.


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