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Most Popular Technological Device & Gadgets For Your Car

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Being caught off by the flat tire and dead battery is not just only stressful, but can also be dangerous at times.

Luckily, there are so many gadgets available in the market that can help you during breakdowns and also help you with little issues while traveling in the car.

We felt our responsibility to guide you through the best gadgets for your car we believe you must consider buying.

Dash Cams

Dash cam or dashboard camera should be on top of your priority list.

A dash cam can save you from fraudulent accident cases, an accident where the other party is at fault or any incident due to which you could face problems claiming your insurances.

Best car Gadgets

A dash cam is a camera (HD preferred) mounted on the front dashboard of the car from where it records the complete journey, covering up to 170 degrees of view at a time. The footage can be used to memorize journey and can also be used as a proof in the situations where someone tries to blame you for the accident.

To know more about the uses of dash cam you can have a look at this article from Lifehacker, and to choose a dash cam look at this list of the best dash cam.

Smart-phone holder

Every one of us uses the GPS in our smartphones to get directions, and while doing that holding the smartphone in our hand can be bit risky.

With the smartphone phone holder, you can easily mount the smartphone in front of you and keep a track on the GPS route without even touching it.

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Not just for the purpose of route tracking, with the phone mounted in front of you, you can also keep a track on who is calling you and if you consider that call important for picking up or not.

Jump Starter Kit

Best car Gadgets

No one can guess that if their battery would be dead in a half-way, which means we must always keep a solution to that problem ready with us.

Jump starter is basically a backup power source that comes to use when your car battery is dead. Also, you can use a jump-starter kit up to 20 times to start your car, just on its single charge.

You simply hook up the clamps of the kit to car’s battery and get back into good conditions.

You can get a good jump starter kit under $100.

Car Charger

You would never want your smartphone to be dead under any circumstances, and if you get a car charger for yourself then it’s very unlikely to happen.

There is a misconception among users that car chargers are slow mobile chargers, which is completely vague, modern-day chargers come up to capacity of 2.8 amp, making them fast chargers as your regular charger. Also, some chargers come with multiple USB ports, so that you can charge multiple phones at a time


This is our most favourite gadget in this list.

Automatic is a small car adapter that can be plugged into car diagnostic parts to get any info about the vehicle including the engine problems, knowing where you parked the car, and even gets you a help when met with a collision or crash.

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The device uses Bluetooth technology to stay connected to the mobile phone, from where you can check the regular status of your vehicle.

You also get the option to connect the device to Alexa to ask questions like, how much fuel is left or how many miles you travelled yesterday?

Tire Pressure Monitoring System

It is very important to keep a check on the health of your tires, and the tire pressure monitoring system does that very easily.

Best car Gadgets

Monitoring system from Carchet keeps an eye on both the pressure and temperature of the tires. It comes along with 4 sensors that should be attached by you to all the 4 tires and the monitoring tool to your vehicle’s cigarettes lighter to keep the check on tire’s health. Some system also offer mobile monitoring technology.


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