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Some of The Best iOS 9 Jailbreak Tweaks To Consider

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Jailbreaking iOS has long been in trend only because of all the great tweaks and features that you get to enjoy on a jailbroken device. And, if you’re running iOS 9 on your device on which you have run the IOS 9.2.1 JAILBREAK, you must now be on the lookout for some of the best jailbreak tweaks and apps that allow you to take your iPhone to its limits. These tweaks and apps can certainly enhance your device’s features and functionality manifolds. There is plenty of cool stuff available and it’s just the matter of making the right picks to enjoy a wonderful experience on your jailbroken iOS device.

Let’s take a look at some of the best jailbreak tweaks available for iOS 9 users.

  1. RevealMenu

3D Touch is probably the most remarkable feature that comes with iOS 9 that allows you to take some quick actions on your iOS device. Hard pressing the apps gives you some contextual menus that let you instantly go into specific areas within the apps. For instance, hard pressing on Maps app shows you a menu that allows you to get your directions to home right away. Though quite a cool feature, it does not work on the older devices. But it doesn’t have to be like that with RevealMenu right there to help you. With this jailbreak tweak you have to short hold the app icons for bringing up those Quick Action menus. You can even get some haptic feedback with a small vibration as well.

  1. Shortcuts

Talking about the Quick Action menus that we have just discussed for the above mentioned tweak, all the apps don’t have them. So, you need Shortcuts tweak for accessing quite a lot of Quick Action menus for various apps. This allows you to instantly get into the desired settings and tweak around with them. You don’t really have to wait for the developers to add those menus to their apps anymore.

  1. Activator

It’s been an essential jailbreak tweak for long and it would be worth jailbreaking your iOS 9 just to enjoy the functionality offered by Activator. The tweak allows you to assign some custom actions for different gestures and the button presses. If you’re planning to launch some app using 3-finger swipe, for instance, Activator allows you to do that. Custom events can also be added for the 3D Touch as well. This means you can customize what happens as icons or the screen are hard pressed. So, it simply changes the way you use an iOS device.

  1. SwitcherTweak

The app switcher menu that comes with iOS 9 is not meant for everyone. However, it is possible to customize that menu on your jailbroken device to your own personal liking. With this tweak, you can change the direction of page scroll, blurring style of the page, blurring style of the background, etc. In fact, you can even change the size of the app switcher as well.

  1. Disable RTL

In iOS 9, you get Right-to-Left feature which is used for changing layout frames. With Disable RTL tweak for iOS 9, you can be able to remove that feature if you find it too annoying.

  1. SpotlightBeGone

If you don’t find Spotlight page too useful in iOS 9, you can disable it completely. All you need to do for that is to install SpotlightBeGone tweak on your jailbroken device. With this tweak, swipe down gesture as well as page located on left hand side of homescreen are disabled. If you need one of them, however, you have the option of disabling just the one you don’t need.

  1. Hapticle

Quite a few jailbreak tweaks are available for iOS 9 that enable 3D Touch menus for older devices, however, all of them don’t enable the Haptic feedback that you can find on latest iPhone models. But that’s taken care of with Hapticle tweak that lets your older iPhone devices to give haptic feedback.

  1. HideSettingsSearch

The Settings app in the iOS 9 includes a useful search feature which can be used for searching through Settings app and find options or menus you might be in search of. However, if that add-on convenience is not useful for you and you just don’t need it, it is possible to disable the search bar completely with HideSettingsSearch Cydia tweak.

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So, if you want to customize the functionality of your iOS device and add some unique new features to it, try some of these amazing jailbreak tweaks as you need. Each of them serves a specific purpose that you might have been looking for.

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