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12 Medical Reasons Why You Should Drink Black Coffee Every Day

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I am sure you’ve one of the coffee makers in your house. But the fact is, one of the most consumed products is coffee not only in homes but also in the offices. The people who work in the offices can’t live without it. Jus tike any other ingredient you can brew coffee in many ways. The Black Coffee however is the one wearer taking about. There are many medical reasons to drink coffee on the daily basis. This article mentions 12 reasons to drink coffee daily.

1. Your Liver Stays Healthy

Unlike other harmful drinks such as carbonated drinks or alcohol, consuming black coffee every day will not harm your liver; instead it will make it better. According to the studies the people who drink at least four cups of black coffee everyday do not get cirrhosis of the liver. They also have a less chance to develop the lover cancer.

2. Get Smart With Coffee

Coffee is rich in caffeine and it is a compound which is an excellent psychoactive tonic. It only takes quarter hour for the caffeine in the coffee to reach the brain through the blood. Caffeine is responsible to blocks one of the vital inhibitory neurotransmitters in the brain called Adenosine. When this transmitter is blocked the brain starts to prosecute other transmitters in abundance which makes the brain work faster and think quicker. It also helps boost the mood levels and give you energy. It also increases the response time.

3. Metabolism Increases 11%

Whatever the rate of metabolism you have it will increase by 11 percent if you drink black coffee without sugar every day. The caffeine is not only a brain stimulant but also works as a weight loss compound. It is the reason that you will find it almost on every weight loss supplement. So, you can drink coffee before you work out, together both these activities will help you shred a lot of pounds.

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4. It Is Nutritious

Coffee is not like other drinks like beverages or alcohol which do not have any healthy nutrients. Coffee is full of vitamins; it has potassium, magnesium and manganese which are excellent for a good health. The vitamins present in coffee such as B5 and B3 are good for health. It also has a few antioxidants.

5. Reduce The Risk Of Diabetes With Coffee

When you drink coffee (of course, sugar free) it will help you reduce the chances of getting diabetes. Make sure that you do not add any amount of sugar to the coffee; it will not be good for a person who is prone to diabetes. Black coffee on the other hand drops the chances of getting diabetes 7%. So, drinking a cup of black coffee daily will keep you healthy. If you drink coffee in early morning it will ensure that you do not develop the Type-2 diabetes.

6. Reduces The Chance Of Getting The Parkinson’s Disease

If you have a family member who has the Parkinson’s disease it is a chance that you might also develop it. You don’t want to have that disease. It is a disease which is caused when the levels of dopamine reduce in the body. Caffeine on the other hand increases the levels of dopamine. So, it means that if you drink a cup of black coffee everyday you won’t have a chance to get that disease. Your body will have the mechanism to fight against it. According to the studies those who drink coffee on regular basis reduce the chance of getting eth Parkinson’s disease from 32 to 60%.

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7. It Makes You Happy

Dopamine is not only related to prevention of the Parkinson’s but is also responsible of mood swings. If you search the web, you will find out that dopamine is also called the pleasure chemical. If you are depressed it will increase the levels of dopamine which is reasonable for getting a happy mood.

According to the studies the people who have black coffee everyday are 20% happier than those who do not have coffee every day. So, if you are depressed get a cup of coffee it will charge your happiness.

8. It Cuts The Risk Of Getting Cancer

Besides giving you a healthy liver it also helps protect against the colorectal cancer. Those who drink coffee everyday are 15% further away from getting that cancer. Drinking coffee also reduces the chances of getting the skin cancer. So make sure that you are among those people who drink at least four to five cups of coffee daily. Cancer is a deadly disease and can cause death. Make sure that you give your body a chance to fight it.

9. It Cuts the Chance Of Getting A Heart Disease

If you wish that you were among those who had 20% less risk of developing a heart stroke then drink black coffee daily. It cuts the chances of getting the heart disease. It is a good supplement for the people who have heart problems. You can keep your heart healthy if you drink strong black coffee and go on a walk every morning.

10. It Ensures A Clean System

A healthy person urinates and as a result the health gets even better. Coffee makes you urinate more. Thus it keeps the body cleansed. Harmful bacteria and many other harmful elements and compounds are flushed out of human body through the urine. So, when you drink coffee it will enhance the natural process of urinating. It means more unwanted compounds from your body are wasted.

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11. Drink Coffee To Keep Calm

The smell of the coffee soothes the senses. According to the studies smelling coffee enhances the brain activity and makes you calm and active. Coffee affects the brain sensors which are responsible of making a person active. It is the reason when you drink coffee in the morning, you feel a sudden charge in your body and the laziness goes away

12. It Cuts The Chance Of Getting Alzheimer’s And Dementia

As the coffee affects the neurotransmitters of the brain it enhances the memory. It takes time but you will feel that after a year of coffee every day, you know and remember more things that you did before. Drinking coffee daily cuts the chance of getting Alzheimer’s and dementia. It reduces 65% chances of getting both these diseases.

So, Is Coffee Safe?

It is safe for an average human being. Unless you have an allergic reaction towards caffeine, a few cups of coffee are perfect for your health.

Those people who have a particular heart condition should not drink coffee. The pregnant women should not drink coffee. Both these people should stick with drinking tea.

It is also important that you do not over drink coffee. It will provide your body the excess amount of caffeine which is not good for health.

So, the key to staying healthy by drinking coffee is that you have two or three cups of coffee every day. Do not provide your body more than this amount of coffee.

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