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Finest Japanese Cars To Have Made It On The World Stage

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Japanese cars have a lot of reputation all over the globe. It is because they offer reliability and not just that but pose little to no complaint ratio. These vehicles also provide low maintenance, higher resale value and fuel efficiency.

Best used Japanese cars are also some of the most technologically advanced and equipped vehicles that all have latest gadgets bundled into one. In this article, we have compiled a list of cars that have made it on to the world scene and are loved by everyone.

1.      Toyota 2000GT

It wasn’t just the powerful or fast car but it was one of the oldest and first of its kind Japanese car. For the era it was launched, the car was ranked as one of the sexiest cars of all time. The body is formed with a long hood and is curved. This almost gives the feel of a Jaguar which is also lightweight as well as packs a responsive chassis.

This all made Toyota 2000GT the most promising car to drive. If some were to get their hands on this classic, the car will easily cost over 1 million USD. The reason also is due to the fact that when this model was manufactured in between ’67 and ’70, Toyota only built 351 units of it. Supply and demand dynamics.

2.      Toyota Supra

You can call Supra as the transcendent successor of iconic 2000GT. It became the torchbearer for brand’s sports car category. The life of Toyota Supra began in the year 1978 by the name of Celica Supra but at first, it wasn’t met with positive reviews.

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In the year 1987, it was when the things took a turn for unexpected. Toyota introduced the Supra Turbocharged edition that gave 230 in horsepower which made it a force to be reckoned with. The car became a massive hit among the masses.

The final edition of Supra topped its previous models giving off a staggering 320 in horsepower. This made auto enthusiasts rush towards it like a swarm of bees.

3.      Mazda RX-7

Another unique Japanese vehicle which deserves a special mention is Mazda RX-7. In the year 1978, this car started out as lightweight sports car which was known for utilizing a different rotary engine in place of a conventional piston engine.

The engine was known for churning out far greater horsepower in comparison with the small size of the car. This led to Mazda manufacturers to improve on the balancing feature i.e. front to rear weight distribution.

With time Mazda RX-7 developed a turbocharger and it quickly became one of the most sought after sports car. Easily these sports cars (turbocharged RX) are among the most desirable vehicles in the world.

4.      Nissan GT-R

Initially came Nissan Skyline GT-R which was one of the highly valued cars of its time but then came along GT-R which climbed the ranks of being the finest Japanese car ever! In the US market, the GT-R debuted in year 2009 and was embedded with dual turbo V-6 engine which gave 480 horsepower. The models improved and as of 2016, the latest GT-R gave an impressive 600 horsepower.

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