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Fisher-Price Rainforest Bouncer All in all for baby

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Fisher Price is this Bouncer seat, but again, they have made a very crucial mistake in my opinion with the batteries. I understand that they are looking for safety, but a 6 month old baby will surely not be able to walk up from the seat and trip on the cable running to the wall outlet. It has to go down a bit in my book for making us buy batteries at least twice a week. Making a simple calculation, that adds up to around 50 dollars a month in batteries alone.

My daughter loves everything about it that my son did, but she also liked the calming vibrations. Now that she started eating baby cereal, I use the bouncer as her eating seat until she is able to sit upright unassisted in a high chair. I just remove the activity bar and place pillows under the seat so it doesn’t bounce.

Two and a half years later, my daughter is using the bouncer and I am still in love with it. Prior to her birth, we had loaned the bouncer to my brother-in-law and his wife for their baby. When we got it back, it was still as clean and in great working condition.

Apart from that issue I have to say that the seat is great. It has a lot of very nice toys for the child to use and play with and the music and sounds are great. Another important aspect is that this bouncer keeps the baby awake. You might wonder why this is a good thing. Well, if you put the baby in the bouncer during the day just to have a bit of fun and he falls asleep, you will have a lot of trouble with making him go to sleep again when you would want some rest as well. This bouncer is made to keep the baby entertained, not to make him go to sleep.  To carry your baby diaper you can check it out backpack diaper bag reviews.

Another problem I discovered was a very disturbing clicking noise made by the gears that move the seat. This happened after just a couple of weeks of use, but calling customer support fixed the problem promptly, so top marks there for Fisher Price.

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All in all, this is a great product because of the many features it comes with and because of the very good price of around 45 dollars. It is really difficult to find something more helpful and better designed besides this bouncer from Fisher Price in that price bracket.

Product Features

  • Modes of play : mom activated with 6 longer, continuous playing songs
  • Bouncer’s calming vibrations and gentle bouncing motion comfort and soothe baby
  • Waterfall with lights and colorful animals stimulates baby’s visual sense
  • Removable toy bar easier to get baby in and out of chair
  • Mode of play: baby activated with 6 shorter songs plus 3 sound effects that reward baby for active play with the toys

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