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Five reasons to give yourself a foot massage

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Your foot is one of the most important section of your body that you give little emphasis. There’s no place that you will go to without your feet getting involved. Have you ever thought of giving your feet some perfect treatment? If your answer isn’t affirmative, then you need to consider spoiling your feet to promote pleasure and good health. Your feet have points on toes, ankles, soles, and upper part of your feet that respond to reflexology. You can do reflexology by increasing pressure around the points I’ve already mentioned with the use of your thumb, fingers, or other hand techniques. Here are the benefits of foot massage.

Promotes better sleep

Have you ever heard someone who doesn’t need better sleep these days? You can forgo food for over a week, and you’ll still be alive, but you can’t forfeit sleep for the same period and be alive. In that essence, you need to help yourself find habits that help you sleep soundly. Consider sitting on your laps and pressing the plantar of your big toe using your thumb. Do this for a minute daily and then massage your feet using castor oil for ten minutes. With such practice, better sleeping will be a reality.

Encourages better circulation

The kind of footwear you put on will limit aeration in your body especially when you mostly wear closed shoes. In addition, the sedentary life that you lead reduces chances proper circulation for your body. Never be afraid of the danger because you can redeem all through regular foot massage. When you message your feet, you will stimulate lymphatic system that will aid in stopping varicose vein. This will promote better oxygen circulation in your blood thus better health.

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Reduces chances of depression

Regular activities in our lives can bring boredom that in turn invites stress. Alternatively, when you change the environment, it can present stressful life in you. Remember stress and depressions are highly related, therefore, stopping the former can prevent the latter. There are spots on the center of soles and center of your big toes. These points are associated with your mental and emotional well-being, and when you get regular massage, there will be stability. You can use best foot massager and massage oil to give your feet and body much-needed solace.

Relieves pains and aches

You will hear many people around you complain of a toothache, backache, headache, and other aches. Better still, you will find numerous forms of pains including back pain, neck pain, and thigh pain. A five-minute massage on your toe will relieve you completely of neck pain. Equally, a massage around your ankle will dispel a migraine away and make the pain in ankle varnish. The pain in your lower back and thigh will fade away when you apply a massage on your outer ankle bone.

Foot massage Improves relaxation

A day’s activities can be very hectic especially when there’s too much walking and standing. Regular massage will surely soothe and at the same time relaxes your feet. When your body is relaxed then conditions like stress, fatigue, and depression are low. Take a daily massage of about 5-10 minutes that involves gentle strokes, and you’ll feel positively different.

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