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Google Hat-Camera is lot more than your thoughts

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Google being the uncrowned king of the internet is also grounding his foot in the floor of innovative technology devices. Google’s past ventures in the wearable technology were not as successful as the Google wanted. But just like any giant organization, a single failure doesn’t stop them. Google is bouncing back with its new exciting innovation of a camera on the basketball cap which they call Google Hat. Google Hat is the newest topic of every tech website. Threads are getting filled up with the discussion about this wearable device, and the bloggers are writing thousands of words about it.

This Google Hat is a lot more than just a camera on the Hat. In the next lines, I am going to present some of the unsung facts about the Google hat which makes it the Google’s best tech wearable ever surpassing Google Specs.

Live Streaming:

This is where many internet giants like Google, Facebook and YouTube will come together. This basketball hat with the camera on it gives you the power to use every of this internet media. With the camera over the hat, you cannot only record videos or take photos, but you can also upload it or stream it live on any social media platform. You just have to connect your Google hat camera with your mobile device and you can show the world what you are witnessing LIVE!

Listen Without Speakers:

If the iPhone air pods have made you crazy, Google hat is going to blow your mind. With the ability to shoot video, Google thought to insert the sound of the video directly into your skull, instead of using the nature’s way which is ear. There is a built-in technology in Google hat which will create audio waves through the hat by conduction of the bones in the skull of the wearer that will enable him to listen the video’s audio while wearing the hat.

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Emergency Alert:

With the fun sides like socializing, Google hat also have this ability to trigger an emergency alarm. According to Silicon Beat, the Google hat can protect the wearer from any dangerous situation by triggering up the emergency alarm in near hospital or police station. Once it is alarmed, the camera will transmit the live footage to the nearest emergency handling system with its detailed location. Through this, the wearer doesn’t have to explain the whole situation to anyone in the emergency administration center and the emergency handler can also determine the intensity of the emergency better by watching the live footage.

App like Snapchat:

After the release of Google Glass, people were speculating that instead of using third party apps like Snapchat, Google could launch its own pictures and videos sharing platform for their Google Glass but later on they decided against it and let their Glass to use the existing platforms. According to some tech observers, this decision of Google was also the reason of the failure of Google Glass. Without any new exciting app, Google Glass was not more than just a camera of the smartphone and people took it as the useless investment. But with the Google Hat, they could launch a new app especially for the Google Hat with some new features which can only be integrated with the Google Hat.

Google Hat for Customer Care:

Google Hat does not only exciting the geeks of social media, but it also has many business aspects. Assuring quality customer care is one of the most arduous tasks for the companies because they cannot monitor this department directly due to various reasons. Google Hat can help to monitor every customer care representative through its camera. The companies can strengthen their HR abilities by giving access to live footage of every customer care representative. The HR will able to watch, listen and track every representative and can evaluate his or her performance. This wearable device can also help the security forces or the armies in the battlefield by guiding the soldiers about their surroundings or in monitoring the situation much better than the cameras like go pro.

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