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Group admins are responsible for sharing offensive messages and posts

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The social media platform and the messenger application allow its users to create a group in the platform and help them to share common messages. The groups in the messenger app consist of friends, family members, teammates, office colleagues and sometimes people form a group to discuss regarding any forth coming events.

By creating the group, it is easy for the users to share common matters and as everyone in the group is able to read the messages it is not necessary for the users to explain each and every incident to other members.

It is easy to create and maintain a group in the instant messenger app and the users can benefit more by using this application.

WhatsApp group chat

WhatsApp allows its users to create group chats as a way to keep in touch with all the people at the same time. The users can create a group with their friends, family or office colleagues and discuss with them about in a single platform. The instant messenger app allows the users to add up to 256 members in a single group and there are many features associated with this group chat.

Creating a Group

The users can create unlimited number of group in the instant messenger app. To create a group the user must login to the WhatsApp and click on the chat tab. The user can view the menu button at the top right corner of the screen and select the new group option.

The users can select all the members they wish to add in the group and select the green arrow option so that all the selected members become a part of the newly created WhatsApp group. The person creating the group is called the Group admin and they have the option to add or delete an account from the group. The group can be given a name and the members can upload a display picture for the new group that can be viewed by all the members of the group.

Invitation through links

The group admin can also invite a member to the group by sharing a link with them. To share the link with a new participant, the group admin must go to the group and tap the subject of the group and select the Add participant option and click on the Invite to group via link tab and select the participants to whom they wish to send the link.

The group admins can share the link with participants within the WhatsApp contacts list or even from any other app. The group admin can make the link by using the Revoke link option and create a new link. As any participant can become the member of a group by following the link, the admin must make sure that they send the link only to trusted resources.

Assigning admins

The group admin can assign another member of the group as the admin and a group can have unlimited number of admins. To assign an admin in the group, the admin must tap and hold the name of the member they wish to assign as the admin and select the Make group admin option.

Once when the participant is selected as the group admin, they also have the option to add or delete participants in the group and can send links to other members to join the group.

Mute group notification

The users can mute the group notification for a particular period of time, but the members can receive the messages that are sent by the members of the group. When the user mutes the group notification, they will not receive any kind of indication that they have received messages from the group.

The users must long press on the group name from the Chat list and press the mute option that appears at the top right corner of the screen. The users can also uncheck the Show notifications that will stop the notification from the user’s notification drawer.

Exit the group

When a user exits from the group they are removed from the group, yet they can view the group name on the Chat list and the user can read the chat history. However, if the user is the only admin of the group and if they exit from the group then a random member of the group is selected as the new admin.

To exit the group, the user must go to the chat tab in the messenger app and press and hold the group name from which they wish to exit and select the menu option. The user can find the Exit group option from the list and by select that option; the user can be removed from the group.

Delete a group

Once when the user exits from the group, they have the option to delete the group from their chat list and by deleting the group the users can no longer see the group on the list. The chat history will also be deleted along with the group.

To delete the group from the chat list, the users can go to the Chat tab and press and hold the group name. Soon they can view the trash can icon that will delete the group and history completely from the user’s account.

Beware- Group admins can be imprisoned

A recent that took place in India leads to a threat among the administrators of the group in social media or messenger platform.

The users are allowed to create a group in these platforms and share their views and photos and communicate in a single chat. But concerns arose after some serious incidents that took place in the platforms like the morphing of photos, spreading fake messages, fabricating local narratives and other things. As large number of groups is receiving messages within a short span of time, it is possible to trigger communal rift and tension among the public.

The admin of the WhatsApp group or other messenger platform is liable to imprisonment if any fake messages or videos circulate among the group. This order was passed by Nitin Tiwari, Senior Superintendent of Police and Yogeshwar Ram Mishra, the District Magistrate and they made it clear that any misleading or rumors spread on that platform will cause the admin to face all the further consequences. All the law gives police the rights to file FIR against the admin.

Among the one billion active WhatsApp users across the globe, about two hundred million users are from India and misusing the communication platform in the wrong way affects the peace of the country. So, it is important that the admin must make sure that the participants in their group are liable sources. Because if any of the messages or rumors or religious disharmony messages are shared in the group, then it is the responsibility of the admin to deny such messages and they must immediately remove that particular member from the group. Failing to do so, the admin is found guilty and the required action is taken by the police against them.

To prevent them from being found guilty, the admin must complaint about the message and the person who sent the message in the nearby police station. Any case relating to such crimes are directed to the cyber crime department according to the IPC and Information Technology Act.

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