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The 10 Phases of Hitting the Gym After the Holidays

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It happens so often that we need a short break from our regular life and goes off track to do something crazy and have fun. Again, many of us take part in family affairs, fall sick, become overloaded with official work, right? So, missing the workout routine is never a matter of wonder. What matters most is- getting back to the track even if that is a month or a few months later.

Now, if you are looking forward to getting back to your regular workout session after enjoying the holidays, we assure you- this post is absolutely for you! Here are the 10 phases of hitting the gym after the holidays. Let’s get started without delay!

1.    Just Do It:

If you like to make a schedule before starting out everything in day to day life, you will be making the schedule for the rest of your life. A workout is something that you need to start at the very moment you feel like starting out. So, don’t make a schedule for tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, or the day after that day! Just do it right away!

2.    Start with Small:

Yes, you read it right! You just need to start with anything you like. It can be a few pushups to walking a few steps. If you have an Indoor Cycling Bike in your room, don’t hesitate to start with it. You just need to break the workout break!

3.    Make a Stick Routine:

When you have started out successfully, it is time to make a daily exercise routine and then follow the routine without any excuse. You can also use your smartphone’s calendar or to-do apps to remind you for workouts like meetings and official assignments.

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4.    Win Your Day:

You might have heard the proverb “Morning shows the day,” right? Like the proverb, if you can start your day with something positive, something that feels like achieving something good, the rest of the day will be more likely to be positive. You can try Exercise Bike Pro to have a fresh start every single day. Now, it is your turn to win the day!

5.    Set a Weekly Goal:

When you are accustomed to doing something that brings positive energy every single day, set your weekly, fortnightly, and monthly goal. At the end of the week, count on your activities that you have been for the whole week. Plan to do a bit more for the upcoming week to make it more successful than the past one.

6.    Celebrate Your Weekly Success:

Don’t forget to celebrate for everything you have achieved after you started out at the weekend. Ask your buddy or colleague who lives nearby to join your success party. Yes, inviting a friend in such party has a bright side that I am going to share you in the next phase.

7.    Offer Your Buddy to Join You:

If you can manage a workout buddy, I bet, you are going to rock soon! Having a workout partner is just second to none to motivate you when you have a reasonable excuse. You two can contribute together to keep yourselves on the track!

8.    Bring Some Positive Changes:

At this stage, you need to bring some changes in the way you do think. Yes, you need to convert your daily, weekly, or monthly “have to’s” to “want to’s.” So, the short termed daily, weekly, and monthly goals get a permanent place in your mindset. Moreover, you can achieve a long term success like leading a blissful and healthy life.

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9.    Do It To Please You:

Going to the gym maintaining the daily schedule is indeed a tough job to perform, isn’t? There are huge chances to get bored with it as well. However, you can certainly make it a bit of fun! Consider, you are hitting the gym to please yourself, and you love to see yourself happy! Do the things you love and keep doing as you love yourself.

10.    Pack Your Gym Bag:

Now, it is your time to get back to the gym and make yourself great again! If you have completed the previous phases as mentioned, we think, it is high time you packed your Gym Bag and get started in the next beautiful morning.

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