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How to improve the teaching style

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We are living in a century in which with every passing spring, the generation gap is getting bigger and bigger. That is the reason why the relation between the teacher and student is getting inferior. Now, this is the need of the time that teachers have to keep in mind about updating themselves with the mindsets of the students in order to take out the maximum output from them. However, our teaching method had come across from the era of chalk and talk to slide and talk but now the time is demanding more. Now teachers have to do more than just showing video presentation to their students to remain engaged with the students. In ever reducing focus span of the students, it is become necessary to put a greater value of responsibility on creating lessons plan. Here are some of the major methods that can create an impact on the teaching styles and can make them engaging enough to get students attention.

Learning with technology

Xbox, PSP, smartphones, VR gadgets are the new toys of our younger generation and they just love to spend most of their time with these. Using all of these for the learning purposes could be the best way to maintain their focus on education. Due to the interest of the students, they will learn more and will never get bored even if you are teaching them the subjects like History and Math. For instance, use of VR gadgets to visualize all the scenes of historical battles and places in the history class or allowing the students to get dissertation help from the internet will increase their efficiency.

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Spaced Learning

Spaced learning is a new phenomenon which allows the students to learn in short bursts. It is a method in which the teachers repeat the condensed learning techniques three times with two 10 minutes break for physical activity. Schools which are using this approach reported that this method may have slow down the speed of learning but had made fantastic result on the students. It is like encouraging students to complete their lessons as quick as possible so they can get the chance to go out and play. This two 10 minutes of break makes students learn faster than ever.

Make them Responsible

Showing confidence in the students is the best way to make them feel responsible for their own things. When the students start taking responsibility, they start working in a more productive manner than ever because they would know that there is no one to blame and they are the ones who have to do everything on their own. This helps them to learn extra-curricular things too to get the better picture of the class lessons.


Teacher-student engagement is important, but engaging students in the real world is important too. For the better understanding of the lesson, it is important to make them aware of their surroundings. For this, giving the real life examples are important. The students should able to analyze the things on their own. Instead of just the verbal explanation, it is better to take them on the field trips where they can witness everything that their books say.

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Open Day:

Remember the traditional open day events where the people can participate in any ongoing event they want. This is a method introduced by many schools recently. At the open day, teachers allow each student to learn and study whatever they find difficult. This is how teachers also get the idea of the weaknesses of every student and a chance to remove his weakness by taking care of every student and every lesson.


Teaching is one of the most prestigious jobs in this world, and if it would not keep update with the time, the technology will take the place of it. Students will start finding guidance only on their computer’s screen and the value of the teachers will obsolete. If you have anything to add here, share it in the comments and I will try to respond you as soon as possible.

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