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Logitech Speaker System Z523 with Subwoofer

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The latest offering from Logitech is not exactly a product that would sweep people off the feet. However it is the best what money can buy within the budgetary constraints. It is one of the four models released by the company in recent times. Z523 is known to contain two additional satellite speakers and the subwoofers.  If you want a decent sound output while working on the computer, use the product from the Logitech stable. If you want to read more about best computer speakers under 100 then you can visit on our website.

Design Features

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The design features include the volume and bass levels that can be adjusted according to the requirements of the customers. A volume control knob is essential to capture the attention of the people. That is also facilitate easy access to the functionalities of the product.

One of the most important aspects of the design is the presence of two auxiliary inputs to make Z523 as the primary speakers. Moreover they also play an important role in connecting not only smart phones but also gaming consoles and the DVD players.

As far as the twin satellite speakers are concerned, they are 195*86*133 mm in dimension and are ably supported by the sub woofer. Since the bass control knob is placed right at the front of the speaker, it is quite easily accessible to the users.

The most important design features include the presence of 3.5 mm audio port and head phone jack that are placed on the right side of the speaker. User can easily connect to the headset to have personal audio experience.

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3.5mm jack is connected to the cable from the right speaker to provide wonderful audio experience in an impeccable style.

Performance is the key for the users

2.1 Speaker System provides root mean square output of 40 watts to the users. If you are living in a small room or flat, the product can transform it into a mini discotheque. Due to the presence of the speakers, one can enjoy the dual power of 9.5 watt sound. It is emitted without a trace of distortion and is marked by crystal clear sound signals.

In order to increase the sound power, placement of the sub woofers is essential for the users. Placing the component on tiled floor can cause lots of reverberations however it can work to the optimum limit of positioned on the carpet.

Quality from Logitech is second to none as it is proved by the performance of Logitech Speaker System Z523. People will not experience attenuation when the volume is increased to maximum limit. The sound is crystal clear and is far head in terms of quality when compared to the standard speakers available in the market.

Unique Features
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The attribute that separates the wheat from the chafe is the 360 degree sound experience. Sound is projected in all directions with equal intensity. In short, irrespective of the position in the apartment, you will receive the same sets of amplified signals. The amplitude does not waver while the distortion disappears for good.

Speaker is shipped with 2 inch drivers on the front and all the control concentrated at the front. Each satellite is equipped with speakers located on the back; therefore users do not have to worry about the quality of sound. In addition the directional position of the speakers enhances their performance by many notches.

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In order to use the speakers efficiently into a small room, the manufacturer introduced second set of drivers on the back of each satellite. Although the speakers are not suitable for mixing home recordings but it is quite useful during causal music listening and gaming process.

Satellite cabinets are created from Black plastic that is used to enhance the appearance of the product. Sub woofer delivers sterling performance because it is placed inside the non resonating medium density fiber board.

Logitech still loves wires and it is evident due to the presence of hard wired cables. They are instrumental in driving cost down for the manufacturers. Left speaker is equipped with 6.5 inch cable that connects directly to the subwoofer through the RCA plug.

Right speaker is also attached to the wires spanning directly to the D connectors. Moreover, the other cable is plugged into the 1/8 inch stereo plug in devices. Thus the set up process is fool proof and helps too cut down on the attenuation or distortions.

Z523 can easily accommodate multiple sound sources such as MP3 and audio streamer. You can connect them right to the device and enjoy the different genres of music. Although remote control is not available with the machine but it is more than compensated by the presence of LED lit volume control knob and separate knob to adjust the bass level of the signals. In short, you can listen to the favorite music at any time of the day.


It is a good budget buy with decent music performance however if you are a speaker freak, it is better to switch over to premium choices.

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