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Maintenance Of Auto Air Conditioning

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Do not wait until failure, because the repairing is always more expensive than the regular service

Do you think that you do not need to service the air condition because the air in the car works? The engineers say: the engine works, does this mean that it will not hold until it breaks down? Services can cost you only a few dollars and lasts no more than 15 minutes.

If you do not want to spend a lot of hours it in the car in summer at temperatures above 40 Celsius degrees, in spring, check the condition of the air conditioner of your car and if needed try to fix the problem at the local service. And the whole procedure explained from the service is quite simple.

It is a normal servicing the air conditioning system that takes only fifteen minutes and is done by machine. After connecting to low and high-pressure systems in the database unit follows by the selection manufacturer, concrete models, vehicles, engines, vintage, and then is setting the required amount of liquid.

Auto Air Conditioning

In the system, for instance, is always returns 10 ml of oil more than the existing quantity, but not more than that, because the people often do not service the air conditioner at the time, but, only when they notice some problems with the cooling. Then the oil thickens, it begins to stick to the wall and it is not in the system anymore so the servicing with vacuuming managed to pull out only partially. If the service technician in such a system fills up only half a pint of oil, that may not have been too much and with this, he will make the system pressure too great.

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When asked how often they should be serviced air conditioners, the engineers said that for some cars, it is recommended once a year and for some, it is enough once in two years. Except for the air conditioners, you should be serviced the ventilation as well, and it is usually done together. It is understood that first, you need to see the filter of the air conditioners and if necessary to replace with a new one, and then disinfects and check the ventilation.

Auto Air Conditioning

Antiallergic spray or foam is injected into the vent box and then through an evaporator fan to expel air conditioning and wash it from dust. The evaporator is, in fact, condense, and when he turned off the air and he begins to dry, and the accumulated dirt, and it begins to smell bad, which not only smells but also is not healthy.

Once the job is done, the device will launch control and measure the pressure and if everything goes right, the driver is quiet until the next service. But as we saw an example of one car, this is not always so. The service cycle was interrupted due to too high a pressure of 25 bar (the optimum is from 8 to 15 bar), which indicated that the circulation system is not normal, and the source of the problems was in the dryer of the air conditioner.

In order not to have to worry about such things, the drivers are advised to bring their cars into the service on time, because the service is certainly cheaper than repairs. In addition, to check and replace the ventilation they will pay another 100 dollars, together with the price of a new filter depends on the vehicle model.

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In brief 

A device used to extract from the air conditioning refrigerant and oil from the compressor and vacuumed by the system, try to purify from moisture and dirt adhering.

Antiallergic spray can be injected into the vent box by a fan forced through the evaporator air conditioning to wash the dust.

Service climate lasts about fifteen minutes and is done by machine. After connecting the low and high pressure in the database system next is to select the manufacturer, and the model engine and this is performed automatically.

The climate in some models is standing alone, and in some models is a part of the refrigerator so it may affect the cost of the replacement.

Along with the regular servicing of the air conditioning needs to be done and the service or cleaning of the ventilation system and filter changes.

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