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How to Make Your Car Fuel Efficient

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We are constantly facing a decrease and increase in fuel prices and what every driver really wants is to make their car fuel efficient. Regardless of whether you are an experienced driver or not, there is always something new to be learned. There are ways that can help you make your car fuel efficient and save a lot of money. Here are some of them:

Regular Maintenance

The car should be maintained regularly, and you should follow the guidelines and not drive at a high speed in order of the car to consume less fuel. The vehicle will have a longer life and you will be able to us it longer without fear of unwanted failures at unexpected moments. Take care of your vehicle and regularly replace the worn parts and change the engine oil. If the the filters and similar parts are dirty, note that the fuel consumption increases. With the proper maintenance. you will save 4% of fuel.

Replace the Tires Regularly

If you haven’t decided to choose the option to install a gas system in your car (which is not really an expensive investment) which will save you up to 30%, you can save a lot of money if you regularly purchase new tires. Tire manufacturers are obliged to put rubber energy label that provides information on fuel efficiency to customers, so we suggest that you take the ones that contribute to saving more fuel.

Tire Pressure

The recommended tire pressure with frequent checks will bring you up to 5% fuel savings, because if the tire has too low a pressure it causes higher consumption of fuel. Make sure you check that too. It will only take you a few minutes but will save you a lot of money in the long run.

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The Car Heater

It often happens that when we are on the way to our job waiting in the crowd we allow the engine to consume fuel by turning the heater on. If you are not really that cold, do not turn the heating in the car, because while waiting for it to warm up, you will arrive at your destination. You can bring a sweater with you, if it is too cold in the morning. There are ways to prevent from feeling cold, of course if it is not a really cold winter. If you really care about making your car fuel efficient, you should know that the car heater increases consumption by about 3%. Of course, if you have a newer car with a start and stop system, you do not have to worry about wasting fuel because this system contributes 5-10% to saving, depending on the vehicle.

The Weight of the Car

When refueling, do not fill the tank up to the top because a lighter car requires less energy to move, so it consumes less fuel. For the same reason, you should remove all things that you do not need the from the car, because that way you save on fuel. On every extra 100 pounds, consumption increases by 1-2%.


If you pour fuel at high speed, the tank will have less of it because there is fragmentation and evaporation, and the counter will measure more than the actual quantity of the fuel. When your finances allow you, refuel when the tank is already half-empty / half full. If you pour when the tank is almost empty and full of air, the fuel that you pour and one that is left in the tank will quickly evaporate thus you will lose a certain amount of fuel unnecessarily. So, make sure you refuel when the tank is half full.

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Engine Speed

When it comes to speed, we all know that an extremely fast driving is not good for anyone. First of all, it is not good for you because you are putting in danger your safety, it is not good for the people around you and it is definitely not good for the car. Fast driving requires an increased fuel consumption and you will be spending a lot more money than usual. So, try to adjust the speed and do not drive more than the recommended speed.

Style and Speed of Driving

When you are driving your car at a high speed, you are spending more than 20% fuel than if you drive calmly and steadily. Keep track of the traffic situation in front of you and make sure you release the accelerator pedal before you start to brake. Make sure you maintain the speed, in order not to increase fuel consumption.


It is known that light affects fuel consumption, but to what extent? There are researches that show that it affects the consumption of up to 3 dl of fuel per 100 kilometers. Why is that so? In order for bulbs of 100 watts to light, the engine must produce more electricity, which will make it stronger magnetizing the alternator which then creates greater resistance and consumes more fuel.

Highway Driving

When driving on a highway always think about the old trick of professional drivers for achieving less consumption. Find a car that is moving at a speed that suits you and drive behind it at a decent distance. Make sure that it is well positioned behind larger vehicles, e.g. a van, bus or truck with a sealed trailer, as larger vehicles create a wind tunnel and reduce air resistance thus reducing fuel consumption.

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Motor Oil

During the maintenance of a car, keep in mind that you have to choose motor oil that does not produce higher consumption. Do not buy the cheapest oils of dubious quality trying to save money, but choose the best for your car at a favorable price and be sure that you will save a lot.

These are just some of the many ways that can help you make your car fuel efficient. Starting from now, apply these tips and be sure that you will spend less fuel and save a lot of money.

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