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What is Norton Security and Antivirus?

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Today “Antivirus” is a word that indicates a protection tool that protects our computers against the risk of virus such as “Norton security and antivirus”. But it works more than its name. What is this actually? To understand antivirus, we need to know that what is a virus and what works do.

A virus is a malicious software, is called “malware” also, when the software (“malware”) run, it replies by making duplicate files itself (copying several times source code on your computer) or infecting another computer software by editing source code. Infecting software can comprise as well, data files, or the “boot sector” also. When this limitation will be the success, the dominance areas are then said to be “contagious” with a system virus.

How to protect your Computer with Norton Security and Antivirus.

Antivirus software is security software, to protect your PC against maximum Worms, Trojans, viruses, malware, spyware and another malicious software infiltrator that can make your PC “sick”. Spyware, viruses, worms, malware and Trojan are mostly executing malicious activities, such as transferring files, removing data, reaching respective data, or using thy PC to invasion different PCs.

There are dozens of antivirus in the market, but I prefer Norton antivirus & Internet Security for windows, Android, iOS, and Macs. Symantec’s Norton Antivirus software is security software that secures your PC and prevents viruses, malware, Trojan, Worms and more from introducing and delivering harm. It performs static scans to your PC to guard it as you visit web sites, download files and open the email. Norton Antivirus is updated regularly and directly in order that your PC vestige safe.

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Features of Norton Security and Antivirus –

  • Safeguard against viruses, malware, spyware and other threats: Norton Antivirus and security defends your PC by examining it statistically. It quick obstacle anything trying to get in your PC and asks you for a permit to access it to enter. It prevents all types of virus, pop-up ads, spyware, malware and more. It warns you about the virus (if found).
  • Protects identity and transactions on the internet:

Norton also blocks phishing activities from suspicious websites, which seek to grab entry to sensitive information such as login IDs and passwords to different vital websites, such as internet banking details or your credit card details.

  • Promote safeguard home network with a nimble firewall

The Smart Firewall surveillance the communications amid your PC and other PCs on the Internet. Norton safeguards help to prevent hackers and variant unauthorized traffic.

  • Informs about social media suspicious content and scams

Norton Antivirus also secures your computer from being infected when you are messaging or chat. If any malicious activity will be performing it will alert you. It also informs you about social media suspicious contents and scams. Sometimes anyone tries to enter your computer, so it is important to stay protected when you chat.

  • Blocks infected websites and hazardous downloads

Norton prevents against suspicious websites and hazardous download threats. If you use any suspicious website or download any hazardous file, Norton will alert you about that file.

  • Protects various Windows, Macs, iOS, Androids and Tablets with a single subscription

You can use Norton security and antivirus on several devices with the single subscription. You can use Norton on windows, Macs, iOS and androids devices also.

  • Personally backs up Images, sensitive data and other vital documents of your preference on PC:
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Norton provides backs up your personal images, private and sensitive information and important files according to your preference.

Operating System Requirements:

  • Windows OS: Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 ( All versions )
  • Mac OS: current and previous two versions of Mac OS X.
  • Android OS: Android 4.0.3 or update ( Must have Google play app)
  • iOS OS: iOS 9 or update.

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