Thursday , February 22 2018

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Know The Weight Loss Surgery Technology That Help You

Reading Time: 3 minutesFor all those who would like to lose weight dramatically and drastically, it may be advisable to undergo surgical operations, but the little-proven studies are not enough to recommend this option every time and to each patient. Criteria must be defined beforehand. Slimming at all costs Is surgery against overweight …

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Norway Build World’s First Submerged Floating Tube-Bridge

Reading Time: 3 minutesIn western coast of Norway there are iconic 1,190 fjords, are protected by UNESCO and are a symbol of national beauty. Norwegian fjords are one of Norway’s major tourist attractions. Hundreds of cruise ships pass through the fjords every year, so it is necessary to improve traffic connections with the …

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Healthcare Big Data Analytics Trends in 2017

Reading Time: 3 minutesBig Data has changed healthcare in more ways than we could have imagines. The potential of using information to create better and affordable healthcare for all are massive and we are already seeing the results of this data deluge. It has helped us in anticipating outbreaks, tracking individual patients, improving …

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Xiaomi Amazfit: Wrist Smartwatch With GPS And Heart Rate Monitor

Reading Time: 6 minutesXiaomi smartwatch created a lot of expectations since its launch. Xiaomi has been characterized by being a company that manufactures economic devices, with a more than correct operation and high durability. Although the Xiaomi Amazfit had everything to become a sales success: careful aesthetics, GPS for outdoor activities, optical pulsometer, …

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An Android Phone RED Hydrogen One with Holographic Display

Hydrogen One

Reading Time: 2 minutesThe Hydrogen One is an upcoming new tech cellphone, from a manufacturer who is renowned for its digital cinema cameras. Although this latest device still does not see the light, the company made some announcements that caught the attention of the international press. Its main feature will be what the …

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