Monday , October 23 2017

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How to Spend Memorial Days in Washington DC

Reading Time: 3 minutesWashington DC is the wonderful place in the world. There is no better place to spend Memorial Day than in Washington DC. Memories are a specialty in man’s life. The nation’s capital celebrates the memorial events with great charm. The events are designed to recognize the selfless service of our …

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Metallic hydrogen, “holy grail of physics”

Metallic hydrogen

Reading Time: 3 minutesAlmost a century after his theory, Harvard University scientists have succeeded in creating the rarest – and potentially one of the most valuable – material on the planet: atomic metallic hydrogen. Created by natural science professor Isaac Silvera and postdoctoral researcher Ranga Dias, the material can help scientists answer fundamental …

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Top Superfoods For Better Sex

home remedies

Reading Time: 3 minutesIf your sex life needs a happy boost, this article is for you. It is widely recognized by experts that what you consume is closely associated with your sexual health. Many men spend hours on physical activities to keep their sex life as happy as possible. Little do they know, …

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Five reasons to give yourself a foot massage

foot massage

Reading Time: 2 minutesYour foot is one of the most important section of your body that you give little emphasis. There’s no place that you will go to without your feet getting involved. Have you ever thought of giving your feet some perfect treatment? If your answer isn’t affirmative, then you need to …

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‘Blockchain’, the latest technological revolution

Reading Time: 2 minutesThe technology behind bitcoin allows transactions to be made reliably and securely, without the need for an intermediary, and provides banks with an opportunity to look for new business opportunities. Digital transformation is not so much a technological challenge as it is a cultural and organizational challenge. With one exception …

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