Thursday , February 22 2018

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Metallic hydrogen, “holy grail of physics”

Metallic hydrogen

Reading Time: 3 minutesAlmost a century after his theory, Harvard University scientists have succeeded in creating the rarest – and potentially one of the most valuable – material on the planet: atomic metallic hydrogen. Created by natural science professor Isaac Silvera and postdoctoral researcher Ranga Dias, the material can help scientists answer fundamental …

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Privatization of India’s Aerospace Industry: Pros and Cons

Reading Time: 3 minutesThe Indian Aerospace Industry: Changing Fortunes After decades of policy paralysis the times look like changing for the Indian aerospace industry. It appears that the fortunes of the various aerospace engineering companies in India are about to change for good at last. The reason for this burst of hope is …

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‘Blockchain’, the latest technological revolution

Reading Time: 2 minutesThe technology behind bitcoin allows transactions to be made reliably and securely, without the need for an intermediary, and provides banks with an opportunity to look for new business opportunities. Digital transformation is not so much a technological challenge as it is a cultural and organizational challenge. With one exception …

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