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How Perfect Chandelier Lighten up Your Home!!!

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Each one of us has a little crush on the beauty of elegant and mesmerizing chandeliers. This love is so strong that you try to complement the arrangement of each and every room with a uniquely designed chandelier. It is actually a stunning piece of jewellery which adds the quintessential touch to an evening gown. With just one amazing chandelier in your home, you can make the setting of your surroundings from just beautiful to astonishingly gorgeous. But sometimes, it is difficult to choose the most appropriate chandelier for your space that has the perfect size, style and facade for your space. You get confused about stuff like if a particular design will suit the ambience of your room or not or if a particular size will be big enough or small enough for your space. All these questions are answered in this article, read on.

Size matters

sometimes people wither big or go home, when it comes to chandeliers and sometimes they want something small and cute. Now, this is very confusing and you might need some help for deciding if you need one chandelier or two or need a small one or big. Here is your guide:

Choosing a chandelier for dining room

  1. You must buy a chandelier which is about 12 inches narrower as compared to the size of the dining table.
  2. You must hang the chandelier in a way that it is about 4 feet away from the walls of the room. Also, even after installing a chandelier in your room there should be enough breathing space.
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Choosing a chandelier for living room or entryway

  1. For each and every foot of ceiling height let the chandelier 2-3 inches height.

For example, a room which is 12 feet high and 14 feet wide will need a design that is about 26 inches wide. Actually, by adding the length and width of your room you will get the width of the chandelier that you need.

Double or nothing

as per the size of the room, you must change the number of chandeliers that you are hanging, like for a small room, you can go for one and for bigger spaces you can even buy 2 or 3. Don’t worry this will not look odd, as it will get the right type of lightning and complement the surroundings in a quintessential way. Even for your hall, you can opt for various smaller chandeliers instead of one large chandelier. This will illuminate in a calming way without being too heavy.

Style of room pretty

it doesn’t matter if you want to go for a vintage facade or if you want to be a bit more modern, industrial or something in between, you just have to pay attention to the style of your space. Your decor will be sending a message to the onlookers about your style, so just pick the design that displays some trait of you in a wonderful way. There are a variety of ways in which you can change the feel of your room with a chandelier.

If your space is full of charm and interest of architecture, then something traditional and elegant will suit your room perfectly.

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Now, you have bought a striking chandelier in your home, the next thing is to hang it in a way and at a place that it only grabs the attention of the people, but also provides your surroundings a magnificent aura. Like, in the kitchen, in your dining room, in the living room or even in the bathroom, you can have it anywhere, just keep in mind that the ambience goes with the style of the chandelier. Every room is perfect for a chandelier; even in your bedroom it will make your tenor romantic and balmy with its soothing lights.

In a Short

All you need is to be a little creative, as an individual large chandelier in the hall is what everyone is doing nowadays, be different, be inventive and transform the facade of your home. Do the chandelier hanging thing in a way that the onlookers can’t resist to praise your decor setting. Don’t be afraid to think unique and experiment, may be you’ll get some more than beautiful results.

If you need some ideas for a start, then you can check online. There are many sites, where you can get both at the same place buy the chandelier and distinctive ideas for its placement.

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