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Your Phone Is No Longer Charging? Here Are The Solutions

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Your smartphone or tablet no longer charges? Is loading particularly long? Rest assured, you may not need to change batteries! You will find below five tips and tricks to repair your smartphone with no trouble, without having to go over the box!
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USB port repairs

Nine times out of ten, the problem comes from a very simple fact: the USB charger and metal surface inside the USB port fail to make contact. The reason may be simply a manufacturing defect, or even a bad movement by force of entering and removing the tip from the charger.

You can correct this manually. First look at where you place your charger, and check if everything is fine as it is thought to be. If this is not the case, turn off the smartphone, and remove the battery as a precaution (if possible), then use a very thin tool (eg a toothpick) to replace the parts which are poorly placed. Be alert, if you do not know what you are doing, do not start such manipulations because you risk damaging it even more!

The USB port is usually located on the bottom edge of the device.

Change the charging cable

The charging cable is actually very fragile. If your device has charging problems, it may be due to a faulty cable. Before you rush for a replacement, try recharging your smartphone with another cable, or try your cable on another device.

If the cable change does not affect the charging of your device, then check the adapter (side plugged in). Go with diverse combination cable / charger / device, to see which part can be defective. This will save you various unnecessary purchases!

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Sometimes the problem simply comes from cable.

Clean the dirt!

Sometimes, if your device does not charge, it may simply be due to dust or dirt in the port, which prevents the connection from working properly. This may sound stupid, but we must admit that we carry our smartphone everywhere with us.

Our smartphone is the dirtiest thing we have constantly with us, and we do not always think of cleaning it! At the same time try not to recharge your device in an environment that is too hot or too wet. Also, try not to overload your phone: remove it from the outlet after the charging is complete.

An incident can always happen

Check battery condition

It is also possible that you have a faulty battery. If you have the option, remove the battery from your device and check if it is not bulging, deformed, or if a hole is visible. In this case, do not put the battery back into the unit and clean it, which could lead to corrosion. If your battery is not removable, place your phone on a flat surface and try to swap it. Obviously, if the design of your smartphone has always made this possible, it will not help you much. Otherwise, if it turns like a top, this may mean that your battery is bulging.

Take great care of your battery.

If you need to replace your battery, choose a production from the same manufacturer. Also check if you are still under warranty, you may be eligible for a free replacement.

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