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Does Living In A Technologically Advanced Society Have A Positive Or Negative Effect On Humanity?

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From the technology wheel to invention of a robot, man has come a long way in his search and strife for better solutions nay best solutions. There is no aspect of life that is free from an interaction with technology. Whether its home or industry, markets or schools, hospitals or military; technology has encompassed all. This has made us used to live our lives in certain way that cannot be now possible without technology. We simply cannot imagine living without it. There are positive as well as negative influences of technology that directly or indirectly affects human lives. In this blog post, we are going to discuss them in detail.


  • Technology has shrunk the distances incredibly. From the invention of a motorcar to the development of Air plane, mankind has come a long way, making years to shrink into months, days into hours, hours into minutes and minutes into seconds.
  • Communications has almost touched its peak with the introduction of cell phones. You don’t have to be home or office to communicate. Mails have been replaced by Emails that has made it possible to send letters and important documents instantaneously without having the fear of losing it on the way.
  • Industries have born the fruits of technological advancement on phenomenal scale for the introduction of machinery has made it possible to do menial work with less effort and in lesser time. It has made the mass production possible. Introduction of Robotics in heavy industries have taken the tiresome work off human hands.
  • Introduction of Internet has opened a superhighway to knowledge and made it possible for anyone to access information, regardless of his location. It has helped exponentially in globalization process. Online education has made it possible for everyone to have access to education which was not possible before the time of Internet.
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  • Release of toxic gases from industries and hazardous fumes from vehicles has done exponential damage to the Earth’s surface and atmosphere. Ozone layer has been damaged for good and burning of fossil fuel has contributed greatly in Global Warming that is harming global ecosystem.
  • Use of Smart technology such as smart phones and tablets has taken its toll on our health, especially kids. It has been observed that use of cell phones, especially at young age hampers proper growth and mental development. Kids are becoming addicted to such gadgets, thus wasting their time and money, ruining their health in the process, as well.
  • Introduction of robotics in the industries has taken over human jobs and this is resulting in less job opportunities for humans. People are losing their jobs and this also results in consumerism that has taken over most of the world population.
  • Advanced technology has taken over most of the menial work that has made this generation lazy. Lack of exercise and being stuck to watching TV as recreational activity has given rise to obesity and related diseases. Heart diseases have shown sharp incline due to lack of much needed exercise and movement.


AUTHOR’S BIO: Stephen Lee is doctor by profession and is a tech junkie by hobby. He is always on the lookout for new technology and loves to investigate and write about it and She also teaches online and do assignment help service for students.

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