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Protonmail, The Ultra Private Mail Feature With The Security

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ProtonMail is an email service with the largest privacy levels that can be found in the market. Although this mail service exists since 2013, it is now when the company has decided to launch it to the whole world, so it is already possible to use it from anywhere.

This mail service has been developed by Switzerland’s CERN with the aim of protecting mail communications around the world due to the well-known problems of mass surveillance carried out by some governments and corporations (And as could be verified after the scandals of Wikileaks and Edward Snowden).

To achieve this privacy in communications, this system is aided by new web technologies and encryption algorithms, so all messages are doubly encrypted end-to-end before reaching the ProtonMail servers, in addition, those servers are housed in Swiss territory, where their privacy laws make them impregnable to surveillance and control attacks by other governments and corporations.

Another important advantage of this mail service is that ProtonMail is free to offer a 500MB storage, an email address, a quota of 150 messages day and limited support, although there are also Premium versions that can extend these features based on our needs With storage up to 20 GB, up to 50 email addresses and priority support.

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ProtonMail mail service that is currently open to everyone will be available under desktop applications, Android and iOS and will maintain privacy in our emails, and that these applications are marketed without advertising and an easy-to-use interface that Remembers how Gmail works so that any user is able to use it.

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They accuse Google of not displaying their website in the results of searches on “secure mail” or “encrypted mail”, which is detrimental to the promotion of mail services like ProtonMail, and that they find very suspicious as they are one of the Most commonly used encrypted mail providers.

ProtonMail launched the beta version of its service in 2014 and had an increase in users and improvements of its service in the following months, in the summer of 2015 Google positioned its page among the first options when looking for terms like “secure email” or ” Encrypted mail “.

The tool in question has other practical features such as self-destruct of specific emails; the elimination of some messages after a certain time has passed without leaving any trace, or the total anonymity of the communications, since it does not store any IP of the Participants in the conversation.

However, from October of 2015 the people of ProtonMail certifies that their page does not appear among searches in a mysterious way. Moreover, many improvements they made in their services should have improved their position in the search engine of the great G, but that did not happen.

SEO experts were consulted, and none could explain the causes of such a fact. This curiously happened only with the Google search engine, since with other search engines its page appeared among the first options, while in Google they did not even appear.

They contacted Google to report this, but they did not get a response from them. Therefore, they had no choice but to press through social networks (Twitter in this case) until they got a response.

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After a few days Google seems to have solved something, they did not specify what, and again ProtonMail reappeared among queries on secure email queries. To which Google has given no further explanation.

According to ProtonMail, with that behavior or error of Google in the 10 months that lasted, its global growth was reduced by 25%.

Again, Google has unclear behaviors with competition. Maybe you do not want to promote private and secure mail services in which users know that nobody snoops in our mail.

Google continues to have a lot of Internet search traffic, and maybe it takes advantage of that centralism, and that predominance to “attack” the competition … or maybe there was really a mistake.

For all these reasons, it seems that ProtonMail is going to give a lot to talk about and its use will surely position itself quickly among the mail services most used by all email users.

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