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RCD Electrical Safety Switches – What You Need to Know

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Common Questions on RCDs Answered:

Electrical issues in a home or workplace in Tasmania and Melbourne needs proper attention of the owner, as it can lead to serious damage of life and belongings when ignored. An RCD is a safety switch installed in home buildings and commercial buildings to ensure safety by stopping power supply through the affected circuit. The main function of this switch is to prevent electric shock and situations that could result in fire or current overloading. In this blog, you will find all the essential information about the safety switch and the reason for regular RCD testing in Tasmania. Keep reading!

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What is combination RCDs?

These kind of residual current devices are formed with a combination of circuit breakers to minimise the chances of electrocution. These upgraded safety switches also help prevent situations of appliance and equipment damage as a result of excessive current flow through the circuit in commercial buildings and homes. Combination RCDs offer better protection in larger buildings.

What are Portable RCDs?

Portable residual current devices are safety switches used in cases where power tools and other similar electrical devices are operated. This device is plugged into the building’s power board. It restricts current flow when excessive power is flowing through the circuit. This ultimately controls the chances of electrocution, damage or fire.

What is the need for two RCDs in buildings?

By now, the primary function of RCDs is clear – it monitors the current flow in the circuit from the main switchboards and disconnects the power in case of excessive flow of current or any other circuit imbalance. The importance of having two RCDs in a building is that the circuit is divided into two sources, so if one is damaged or even if the power in one circuit goes off, some lights and appliances still work with help of the alternative source.

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Keeping this in mind, the buildings built after 200 in Australia are constructed with two safety switches to support the electricity supply. Being a responsible home owner, one need to be aware of the Australian electrical standards and comply by the parameters to save from hefty fines. So make sure your building has two RCDs fitted for improved safety of the occupants.

What is RCD testing procedure and how often should be performed?

As per the RCD testing requirements, the safety switch must be tested every three months to ensure proper working throughout the year. While testing, the test button in the RCD is pressed and if the switch trips immediately, it is assumed to be in good condition. However, this needs expert supervision. So, call a professional for RCD testing in Tasmania to ensure proper testing of the safety switch.

After the test, the RCD is reset by pressing the suitable button on the device. In case, the switch is encountered as defective, a new RCD should be installed in the building to avoid any unexpected accidents. Taking care of every electrical connection in your house or office is high recommended by experts.

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