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Sony announces the world’s fastest SD card, almost like an SSD

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SD cards have been constantly improving their writing and reading speeds, mainly because each time the bandwidth that is needed to record information in them keeps increasing, with videos at high resolutions like 4K and with high bit rates that Require a good speed not to cause bottlenecks.

Sony SD cards: reaching 299 MB / s of writing

Users accustomed to video recording with a high bit rate, whether with video cameras or SLR cameras, as well as photography, know how important it is to have a good SD card to minimize waiting times when we use the camera. Taking pictures in RAW in burst requires a great writing speed, although perhaps not as much as the new series of SF-G UHS-II SD cards from Sony.

This new SD card from Sony comes in three 32-, 64- and 128-GB models, and achieves write speeds of 299 MB / s and 300 MB / s of reading, staying close to some SSD drives, whose minimum writing speed The cheapest models are usually around 400-420 MB / s. What it surpasses with amplitude is the transfer speed of the hard disks, reason why to get the most out of these cards in the computer will have to copy the files to a SSD unit in the first instance.

The new Sony SD cards, designed for professionals, exceed the current write speed record of Sandisk Extreme Pro or Lexar Professional 2000x with 260 MB / s, but tied at 300 MB / s read speed. To use to its full potential, it is advisable to use a camera that is compatible with UHS-II. Along with SD cards, Sony will launch a high-speed card reader, the MRW-S1, compatible with USB 3.1 and UHS-II interface to get the most out of the transfer speed on the computer.

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Available in spring

Since Sony have not given information on any technical aspect of how they have managed to achieve such writing speed. In principle, the memories are similar to those found on Sandisk SD cards. The main difference comes in a “unique firmware” that Sony has designed for these cards. The theoretical maximum speed of the UHS-II standard can be squeezed in principle up to theoretical 312 MB / s.

Sony has not revealed the launch price of these cards, which will be released this spring. Sandisk Extreme Pro currently costs 74 euros for 32GB and 122 euros for 64GB, so expect similar prices of 80 euros for 32GB and 130 euros for 64GB, for which the 128 GB should be around 180 euros.

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