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Tips to Find Best Remote Oracle DBA Expert for your Company

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You might be here because you need a remote DBA expert for your business and you are confused which parameters to consider while hiring DBA expert remotely. Actually, hiring one full-time dedicated DBA expert is an expensive affair and every business demands budget solutions only.

This is true that skilled DBA never runs out of the jobs, but he always has the best offers from top Companies to move ahead. So, this is common for small or mid-sized businesses struggling with finding the best DBA expert to take care of valuable business data. Now the common question comes –

  • Do you need an in-house DBA or remote DBA?
  • What are the role and responsibilities of a skilled DBA?
  • Why is it difficult for Company retaining skilled in-house DBA?
  • What are the benefits of hiring remote DBA services?
  • And the last but most important question is how to find remote Oracle DBA expert for your Company?

Brace yourself to read out some heavy stuff. In the below sections, we will answer all these questions one by one that will help you in hiring perfect Oracle DBA expert to handle present and future needs of your business.

Do you need an in-house DBA or remote DBA?

If you can afford full-time DBA then you should definitely go for this option only. Hiring a DBA at your disposal 24*7 has been just an excellent choice but everyone cannot afford it. Secondly, if your business needs DBA assistance at selected time intervals only then why you need to go for the full-time option.

For small or mid-sized businesses, remote DBA is the best options where things can be managed efficiently with one call only. Doesn’t that sound interesting? If yes, let us check when should your Company hire a remote Oracle DBA expert? If you are facing any of the following problems then this is the right time to bet for the remote DBA profile.

  • Are you not able to scale IT infrastructure to match the current Company growth?
  • There are plenty of performance issues that are just impossible to fix for you.
  • Different Company locations where the Database administrator is not as efficient as it is actually required.
  • There are problems with data management and data security principles.
  • Are you struggling with managing different database platforms that require frequent maintenance?
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Why is it difficult for Company retaining skilled in-house DBA?

As we have discussed already that skilled DBA never runs out of the jobs, but he always has the best offers from top Companies to move ahead. This is the reason why it is difficult for any organization retaining in-house DBA for long hours. Some of the most popular reasons why it is difficult for the Company retaining DBAs include –

  • Every fast-growing Company has a subsequent increase in databases sizes almost 5 times more than their existing database size.
  • The databases need to be scalable as per latest technology trends with every passing day.
  • The database administration skills require years to perfect, so it gets common for DBAs to jump to another platform as soon as he receives better options from other organizations.

What are the role and responsibilities of a skilled remote DBA?

There are few important considerations that should be focused on while hiring a remote DBA. A proper planning and relevant research always help you in deciding on the right resources for your Company.

  • A remote DBA expert is responsible for proper configuration and maintenance of customer databases.
  • He makes sure that databases are updated perfectly at the right time only.
  • An expert have to troubleshooting skills to find out all potential database errors quickly. He also makes sure that each database works on optimum performance standards only.
  • A remote DBA also takes care of security standards and he has the perfect disaster recovery plan to execute during security breaches and system crashes.

What are the benefits of hiring remote DBA services?

Best Remote Oracle DBA Exper

Most businesses are moving to remote DBA services for better database management. Here is a quick checklist that will give you clear idea why to choose remote DBA services for your Company.

  • Cost-effectiveness–As compared to full-time DBAs, remote DBAs are ready to work at a fraction of cost only. This is a 100 percent profitable deal for any organization where they have the opportunity to enjoy professional database services at increased efficiency.
  • Maximum Reliability–Remote DBA take care of all databases running inside the Company. They are able to find out potential errors and respond back quickly to fix those problems. In this way, he is able to optimize the overall performance of the database with maximum reliability and security.
  • Optimized Database Performance–Remote DBAs continuously upgrade, update, and maintain a database system based on current trends and technological advancements. They make sure that databases are always working at peak performance levels only.
  • Reduce workloads on IT staff–When you hire a remote DBA, most of the administration tasks are completed by DBAs only. This is the reason IT team can focus on core activities only. They don’t have to get messy with administration related tasks.
  • 24*7 Administration – A remote DBA is available 24*7 and he assures maximum support for the overall growth of the Company. Every time you feel some emergency, remote DBA is always there to help you guaranteed with personalized database services.
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These are just the highlights. You can enjoy even more benefits when you hire right remote DBA for your Company. He promises to take your organization to the next level with the effective use of “Big Data” and business intelligence services. This is the reason you need to hire remote DBA to gain a competitive edge in the crowd.

How to choose the best remote DBA for Your Company?

Best Remote Oracle DBA Exper

Here is a quick idea after deep research how to find better remote DBA for your Company to manage the present and future needs of some business.

  • Performance Evaluation

You should hire only those candidates that are capable enough to handle projects similar to yours. Make sure that he should available 24*7 in case of an emergency for round-the-clock database support. You can test the skills by assigning a small project initially. If you are satisfied with the performance only then you should hire that particular person for your organization.

  • Understand the role and responsibilities

First of all, make a checklist of role and responsibilities you are actually looking for when hiring a remote DBA for your Company. If there is someone who completely satisfies the role, you can hire the person immediately. You are free to take help from placement agencies too for thebetter understanding of the role and responsibilities of a remote DBA.

  • Request for the detailed quote

Before you finalize the deal together, don’t forget to discuss on all minute things to decide on the payments. Most of the remote DBAs accept payments on the hourly basis. There may be few hidden costs too. In that case, you should request for the detailed quote to avoid any confusion in future. This is just a small concern, but it may spoil the relationship between the two after a certain time – intervals.

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In a nutshell

It is necessary for every organization to understand the importance of a remote DBA. The services offered by Oracle DBA can never be replaced with automated cloud services. Professional database experts have hands-on experience with SQL queries and SQL servers. They do have experience in big data handling too. If an individual holds all of these skills, then he is the perfect choice for your Company. Here, the actual location of DBA does not matter at all.

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