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10 tips to lighten the weight of your bags

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Let’s face it; carrying heavy luggage is annoying, exhausting and sometimes even costly.

Take off the weight of your shoulders and put your bags to diet with this brief guide to lighten the weight of your luggage once and for all.

How simple can the life of a traveler are carrying only a brief backpack, the essential, a couple of kilos! But no, generally we do not know what to wear and we opted to empty the wardrobe in our suitcases. We hope that after reading this article doesn’t fall into this temptation and you can enjoy a freer trip, with less weight on your back:

  1. If you have it, do not take it

Before you travel, take a few minutes to call the hotel, hostel or wherever you are and ask if they have towels, sheets, hair dryer and all those things you do not want to carry in your bags. If the answer is yes, under no circumstances do you carry these items in your luggage?

  1. Seasons

Is it winter? Wear warm clothes. Is it summer? Wear light clothing. Do not carry things “just in case” that you will rarely use.

  1. Combining colors

Women are not the only ones who rigorously combine their garments. That is why, for people who leave nothing to chance, it is best to choose clothes of neutral colors: brown, white, black and pastels. Thus, everything will be combinable and you will wear less.

  1. A simple rule

There is a rule for trips of less than a week, which consists of always carrying the right thing, that nothing is missing and the most important thing: that not about. Pack 1 T-shirt per day, 1 set of underwear per day, 1 pullover or sweater, 1 pants every two days (never less than 2 pants), 2 pairs of shoes in total and any other seasonal garment such as a windbreaker or a bathing suit.

  1. Cash discount account

Before packing, make a list of all the things you wear, including the least important ones such as underwear, socks, hairbrush … It is also convenient to place the objects on a bed or armchair so that you have a complete view. That way you will know for sure what things really are bad.

  1. The heaviest goes with you

Rule well known by expert travelers: the heaviest goes with you. This means (unless weather conditions make it unbearable) that you must wear the boots, the pullover, and the jacket. This will save you an extra bag.

  1. Laundry

In 99% of the tourist destinations, you will find a laundry. Take advantage of the good of life and avoid loading with tons of clothes when you can only take two or three changes and wash them.

  1. Small things, light suitcases

The smallest and insignificant things are responsible for much of the weight of a luggage. That is why long before packing begins to buy miniature versions of everyday things: shampoo, toothpaste, creams, suntan lotion, insect repellent. If you do not get products in small versions, you can lose those you have in bottles of smaller size.

  1. Guides, Plans, and Thousands of Papers

When you plan your trip you usually take all the brochures you have, maps, guides, magazines, anyway, all the material you can get? Everything that is paper – although it does not seem it – ends up being of the heavy thing. Try to write down the most important data in a single notebook or send yourself an email with all the information, as long as you know that you will have the Internet at your destination.

  1. Gifts and souvenirs

Who has never taken a nice souvenir to have a souvenir of the trip? There are those who go even more and bring presents for all their relatives and friends. If you are one of those who can’t stop making gifts, choose to buy some regional food like sweets, canned. whatever it has caught your attention. On the way back, you can invite your loved ones to taste the delicacies you have brought and in passing to see the pictures of the trip.

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Carrying light luggage is not only a relief when it comes to paying the price at the airport, it can also be very convenient if you want to travel a short distance or travel as a backpacker. In every occasion reduce the weight of the luggage gives you more freedom of movement, so you can do what you want without depending on your bags. Even when you go by car, removing heavy items – such as clothes, paper, and souvenirs – assures you an extra place to bring more fun things: a set of rackets and tennis balls, books, a deck of cards and things that make a trip enjoyable.

If the problem of the weight of the luggage hurts you when you go from one side to the other and you can’t do anything to make your bags lighter, you are in trouble. But luckily, you can fix it easily. There are luggage trolleys, with casters and a practical system to hold your bags and take them wherever you want without the need for much effort. Wheeled suitcases are an ideal choice for those who travel for a long time or those who do not want to leave anything at home.

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