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Best of 2017: Top 5 Android Phone You Might Want to Consider

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Looking a way out of iPhone?

Don’t worry; Android has plenty of variety to offer.

While iPhone holds a special place, the perks of looking for an android phone is the diversity.

Many companies such as Samsung, Huawei, LG, etc. compete fiercely to get you the best they can get.

And in turn, you get a lot to choose from.

Here are some of the best Android phones for 2017.

Galaxy Samsung S8

android phone

Who needs to buy wholesale phone cases when you have a phone with infinity screen?

A job was well done by Samsung on the latest 5.5-inch edge to edge Galaxy S8 with a powerful performance and a great display.

Available in 5 colors, this phone has super speed due to octa-core 64-bit processor and 4 GB RAM.

With an amazing 12MP rear camera, 8MP selfie camera and 4K video recording, it is a whole package.

The battery is 3000 mAh that lasts about a day coupled with fast charging technology.

Google Pixel

android phone

Next best in line, if not standing just right next is Google Pixel.

Pixel uses AMOLED for a powerful HD display on its 5-inch screen.

It is easy in the hands and on the pockets with a grip to be held in one hand.

You also get Google Assistant, much like Siri, who learns more and more as you use it.

The camera results are way better than iPhone with a crisp of better contrast and colors.

The 12.4 MP camera also comes with HDR+ to get better shots of darker areas.

The battery capacity is 2770 mAh, but it can last almost a day with the battery saver mode.

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Google Nexus 6P

android phone

Are you a gaming enthusiast?

If yes then this is the phone for you.

With a 5.7-inch display and 3450 mAh battery, it provides the best platform for gaming for about nine hours non-stop.

It has a lot to offer for non-gamers as well.

A long battery life never hurts anyone.

When you get an incredible 12.3 MP rear camera and 8 MP Selfie camera and an AMOLED display.

It comes in 4 colors, but you can always get phone cases to customize it as you want.

Moto Z Play

android phone

As mentioned before, a long battery life never hurts anyone.

But if you are mainly looking for the best battery, then Moto Z Play is your pal.

The battery capacity of 3,510 mAh coupled with fast charging makes a fantastic match.

Moreover, Moto Z Play also works on the modular technology known as Moto Mods that are interchangeable.

With a 5.5-inch display, it works on Snapdragon 625 processor and 3GB RAM.

Motorola Moto G4

android phone

If you are short on budget but need to get a phone that will more than suffice then Moto G4 is for you.

Its features are a lot more than others offer.

With a 5.5-inch screen, it works on Snapdragon 617 processor and 2GB RAM,

It has 13 MP rear camera and a built-in memory of 16 GB that can be expanded to 32 or 64 with a microSD card.

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