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Few things you need to know before you visit French Polynesia islands

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The location of French Polynesia islands is in South Pacific Ocean, actually between California and Australia. In fact, French Polynesia is an overseas unity of the French Republic. There are a total number of 118 islands, gathered in five archipelagos (one of them is coral, and four of them are volcanic), spread on a land above the sea at only 7.000 square kilometres. The average temperature here is at about 27°C (80°F), with other words, these islands have a tropical climate with some occasional storms in January. This is the place where you can find those bungalows over the blue lagoons. It is a tropical, expensive and bliss, and I’m sure you will enjoy.


Obviously, because French Polynesia is part of France and that means it is a part of the European Union,so, arriving there, especially for the European citizens is surprisingly easy. Don’t be surprised if you get a Polynesian dance by some players on the airport, that dance would make you far away from Europe.

Don’t rush yourself

These islands are incredible present and slow ones, it’s a place where the local citizens ride bicycles and welcome you out loud with “bonjour”. A place where you can meditate, smell those incredible flowers and enjoy the turquoise lagoons. Take your time and enjoy that paradise as long as you can.

Ride a bicycle

The bicycle can slow you down a little bit, while driving in a car will relax you and protects you from missing anything. You will be able to stop the car every minute you want and memorize your vacation with a photos, and there are a lot of things to be memorized, especially those colorful nature,  and of course you will be able to stop and chat with the locals if you want, but, if you travel around these beautiful islands with a car, you wouldn’t experience as much as with a bicycle.

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Language barrier

First thing you need to know is that if you don’t speak French you are going to struggle here. Mainly the guesthouses owners and the airport officials couldn’t understand you if you speak English to them. Bora Bora is also a place where the locals knows only a few words on English. You will see some of the guesthouse owners sometimes wear a dictionary if they want to speak to you on English. The language barriers could isolate the solo travelers, because they would feel lonely, especially without talking to anyone.

On the plus side, Polynesian people, or more likely the French people are very nice to everyone here. Everywhere you will go, literally you would be greeted with bonjour! Even with the language barriers you would feel welcomed and safe. There are people who would instruct you to some new skills even if they don’t now a word in English.

Things to see and do:


French Polynesia can offer the best diving in the world. Here you can see multitude aquatic life, tuna, turtles, dolphins, barracudas and also hammerhead sharks. You shouldn’t miss this if you decide to dive.


If you are not a surfer, but you want to surf, there are private lessons which will only last a few hours. The surf is excellent off the coast of Moorea, but the giants breaks at Teahupoo generate wonderful waves which can test your ability of surfing.

Explore Bora Bora or Tahiti

Bora Bora is a place where you can try jet skiing or any other water sport, also the forest there can offer you a great opportunity for hiking. Bora Bora is the paradise on the Earth, but in the same time is an expensive one. In the middle of Tahiti is located the Museum of Tahiti, a place where you can explore the local culture. Whatever you decide to go, or to combine these two places as many people do, you will not make a mistake.

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Go snorkeling

If you don’t like diving, then snorkeling is the right thing for you, great chance to experience the underwater world in French Polynesia islands. There are hotels that offer a free equipment, but bring your own because some hotels rent it.

Enjoy on Mataiva

There is a little of tourists “attractions“, but a lot of accessible beaches, many snorkeling sports and а dazzling underwater wildlife. In Tuamotus you can find a few archeological sites.

Watch the whales

June and July are the months when you can watch the whales in the Austral islands. This would be one of the most astonishing sights on your travels there. This tours last only a few hours.

Experience the diverse wildlife

On the Polynesian islands there are only a few animals on the land, but the wildlife here is found in these stunning blue lagoons. Surely, the bird watchers are able to see these NukuHiva pigeons among many others.

Learn about Polynesian History

In Puamau, lipona is one of the finest archaeological sites in French Polynesia islands. It is acknoweledged for its five remarkable tiki figures, the tallest one is 10 feet high. Going to French Polynesian island wouldn’t be a mistake. Doubtlessly it will be an experience which you will remember it as one of the best ones.  As an advice  “Go there, let it surprise you and enjoy yourself“.

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