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Xiaomi Amazfit: Wrist Smartwatch With GPS And Heart Rate Monitor

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Xiaomi smartwatch created a lot of expectations since its launch. Xiaomi has been characterized by being a company that manufactures economic devices, with a more than correct operation and high durability. Although the Xiaomi Amazfit had everything to become a sales success: careful aesthetics, GPS for outdoor activities, optical pulsometer, color touch screen, mobile notifications, music, …, hit the market with an Inconvenience that overshadowed everything else, the clock menus were in Chinese. Now have an English version called Amazfit PACE, designed for the American market, and if this was not enough.

Xiaomi Amazfit, a first look.

The xiaomi amazfit is a watch with a round dial of 43 mm diameter, with a bezel and rounded corners. The screen is of type LCD color tactile and has a useful surface of 34 mm with a quite good resolution, 320 × 300 px. Its weight is only 54 grams and the overall thickness of the watch is 12.5 mm, not very high values ​​taking into account that it incorporates an optical pulse sensor and that its autonomy doubles that of other smartwatch (up to 5 days). The charging system is realized by means of contact pins and a base of own load that connects by means of a usb cable, a system less problematic than the micro usb for activities where there can be much sweating. The straps are interchangeable and we can find different colors to the original two (black and orange) in amazon.

The Xiaomi Amazfit keeps the screen always on. At rest it reduces the brightness of the same and it is activated by means of the only button located in the right side or configuring the option of activated by “two touches”.

Below we detail the rest of technical characteristics

  • Clock with 12/24 hour time format and alarm clock.
  • Processor 1.2 GHz Core and 512 MB of RAM
  • Memory: 4 GB, but there are no more than 2 free to store music.
  • Internal sensors: compass, GPS and glonass, internal accelerometer (activity monitor and sleep detection) and optical heart rate sensor (pulse measurement 24 hours).
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0 to synchronize data with mobile applications and play music directly to a wireless headset.
  • Resistance to water: IP67, you can swim but not dive.

What is the Xiaomi Amazfit, heart rate monitor-GPS or a smartwatch?

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we speak of a smartwatch with bluetooth connectivity based on Android, it is not an Android Wear to which we can install applications similar to those we have in our mobile or reply a message from the phone itself. Yes we will receive all the mobile notifications on your color screen but there is no way to interact with them, except for specific exceptions such as rejecting a call. The Amazfit allows you to store music, up to 2 GB real, and hear it wirelessly in our bluetooth (or wifi) headset. It is transferred to the clock by connecting it to the PC as if it were a usb. By contrast there is no widget to control the music of mobile or applications like Spotify. In addition to the mobile notifications, in amazfit we have other “smart” widgets such as weather prediction and the possibility of installing different spheres for the watch or background photographs with the application “Amazfit Watch”, available for both iOS and android.

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As a sports watch, the Amazfit offers almost more functions than smartwatch. From your sports menu you can choose different sport profiles (race, trailrunning, cycling, …) and record both the distance traveled and the pace thanks to the GPS, in addition to our heart rate through the optical pulse sensor. The accuracy of the pulse recorded will depend, as in other clocks, in addition to the sensor itself, that we carry it tightly and above the bone of the wrist, as well as our skin type. The display allows up to 7 data fields, (6 activity data and time), including altitude and altitude gain. Once the activity is finished we can see a summary of the data on the clock itself.

The accuracy of GPS is not one of its strengths and, although not disastrous, its reliability is similar to that of mobile applications, having some signal loss when passing through tunnels or areas with GPS coverage problems (woodland or tall buildings). As for the speed in capturing the signal, once we have already used it and stored satellite positions, it takes no more than 10-20 seconds to pick up the GPS signal and to start the activity.

The Xiaomi Amazfit can also be used as an activity bracelet. In addition to seeing the steps, calories, distance, pulse and sleep in the clock itself, we can also synchronize it with the “Mi fit” application, the same one we use for my band. See the evolution of our daily activity over time.

In summary, as a sports watch, the Xiaomi Amazfit offers functions similar to the TomTom Runner Cardio Music model (music, GPS, daily activity and mobile notifications) but for just over € 100 and with a screen of very good resolution

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Xiaomi Amazfit: price and versions

Xiaomi Amazfit
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Currently the Xiaomi Amazfit we will find black or red / orange belt almost at the same price in its two language versions, the Chinese model from 106 € and the model in English or Amafit Pace from 108 € in GearBest or Aliexpress.

After a recent update that allows changing from miles to kilometers in the English version PACE, it does not make much sense to buy the Chinese and neither change the ROM to have it in Castilian. In any case in the forum of HTCmania or Youtube there are plenty of tutorials to change the ROM from the Chinese model to English, from English to Spanish or directly from Chinese to Spanish.

Advantages, Disadvantages

Below we summarize the advantages and disadvantages that can occur if you finally decide for this smartwatch.


  • Very cheap price (from € 106), plus taking into account all the functions we will find: clock, pulse meter, GPS, mobile notifications, music playback without carrying the mobile and activity bracelet.
  • Autonomy of up to 5 days in smartwatch mode and “36 hours in GPS mode”.
  • Careful design (does not look like a cheap watch when unpacking it) and I have read very few criticisms regarding its durability. In addition the strap seems quite resistant and you can get spare parts easily.
  • Color display with very good tactile behavior and always in “active” mode.
  • Vibration Alerts.
  • Synchronization of activities with STRAVA (although depending on the “ROM” installed can give problems in iOS).
  • The official English version “PACE” and the community of users in Spanish are very active in terms of updates, correcting errors and adding new functionalities. One of the last implemented already allows to change of miles to kilometers (the greater inconvenience that had the English version),


  • Language, although there are many tutorials that youtube you will find, to have the Spanish version you must have some computer knowledge. Sincerely at the price, we can find the English version, and with the option to change miles to already installed, I would try not to change it for a few weeks.
  • Smartwatch limited, although it is based on android and allows installing some simple applications (here it is explained how), there is no store of applications like in the android wear to install app’s type runkeeper or google maps. Nor can we reply to the messages from the clock itself or interact with the mobile (to handle spotify for example).
  • It does not have specific functions for training (intervals, laps-manuals, etc.)
  • It is not compatible with cycling sensors.
  • A one-year warranty for being an import product, both the Chinese and English versions (Amazfit Pace).
  • Accuracy “average” in both GPS and pulse sensor, but sufficient for those who want to know their average pulse in an activity and do not mind that the clock measures 200 meters less every 10 kilometers.
  • It is not submersible (although if it resists accidental falls, swimming and we can shower with it).
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In short, is Xiaomi Amazfit worth it? Well, as usual, it depends. If you were looking for an optical sports goggles that are focused on running, you may have something short of lacking intervals and other specific functions that you will find on the Forerunner 235 or the future Polar M430. If you just looked for a simple GPS watch so you do not have to register the races with the mobile, there are other watches like the Polar M400 or the Forerunner 25 at a similar price, but without an optical heart rate monitor. Now, if you were looking for a multipurpose, ie, activity bracelet, have notifications, carry the music on the clock itself … I think the Amazfit can supply all these functions in a more than acceptable way, especially considering its reduced Price as it comes from the hand of Xiaomi, a company that launches durable products and with continuous updates.

I hope this article on the Xiaomi Amazfit has been useful and, as always, you have the comment section for any questions or suggestions. Remember that you can support this section by buying through the links of the different online stores that accompany the post or any other product through this amazon link.

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