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Why ZenMate Security & Privacy VPN Is Considered To Be The Safest Option?

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VPN or virtual private network is the network constructed with the help of public wires, mostly on the internet in order to connect to a private network. Zenmate’s VPN is one of the most well-renowned VPN networks available these days. The company’s VPN proxy extension are available on all the modern browsers like Firefox and Opera. They offer us with the best VPN services at a very reasonable price. At the rate of $9.90/ month, they provide you with the monthly subscription. The six months a subscription fee is just $8.80/ month while the yearly subscription fee is only $7.49 a month.

VPN is one of the most important and necessary forms of technology needed by us these days, and at a very reasonable rate, we can get the best of VPN networks from Zenmate. This company is providing us with all the amazing things at very reasonable rates, and you can also pay through all the major online wallets like UnionPay and PayPal and also you can pay us through bitcoins. If you are not satisfied with the service, the company also offers refunds, but you have to request the refund within 14 days from the start of the billing cycle.

Although the headquarters of the company is situated at Berlin, Germany under the parent company ZenGuard but you can access from 4-12 different zenmate server locations depending upon the choice of your subscription. All the Zenmate users will get the access to Romania, Hong Kong, United States and even in Germany, but if you want to get access to other free locations like France, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Canada, Western United States, Spain, Singapore and Netherland then you will have to go for the premium membership.

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As the company is based in Germany, so it leaves the company under the unpromising umbrella of a few shifty laws like the Data Recognition Directive (DRD). Zenmate is also unavailable or even limitedly functional in countries like Saudi Arabia, Iran and also China, so it is advised to the users of these countries to stick to the free iteration of the service.

Zenmate uses the latest security options allowing the users to work without any hesitation. With the help of all the latest technologies available throughout the world, the company is able to keep their security quite tight so that the users can work easily and also without any disturbance and hesitation.

All the information that you need to know about the company or the VPNs provided by them is available at the official website of the company. You can read various Zenmate Reviews to get more idea about the quality of services they provide. The top banner of the company clearly shows everything about the download options, accounts, and even payments, and by scrolling towards down you will find the F.A.Q section where all your doubts will be cleared. The social media links, corporate information, and all other useful items are also available down below. Millions of people are using the Zenmate and are also very satisfied, this reflects the dedication and effort that the company has given in order to satisfy their clients.

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